The $10 Tool That Warms Your Home Without Taking Up Any Space

Christie Calucchia
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The $10 Tool That Warms Your Home Without Taking Up Any Space
The $10 Tool That Warms Your Home Without Taking Up Any Space

The $10 Tool That Warms Your Home Without Taking Up Any Space

It protects against noise, light, and bugs, too.

There are many ways to control the temperature inside your home. For those with central heating and air, there are thermostats and smart devices; for those without, there are space heaters and tower fans. Of course, all of these items require energy and can rack up steep bills. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your home at an optimal temperature, you might consider investing in a $10 door draft stopper from Amazon.

Ideal for any season, an under-the-door seal can keep cool air from getting inside and prevent heat from escaping during the winter and vice versa during the summer. In tandem with other heating or cooling devices, it’s a great way to control the temperature of your space and potentially save on energy costs while you’re at it.

This door stopper from Suptikes is made of flexible silicone that you can adjust to fit any door in your house. Its three layers create a thick, durable strip that will help weatherproof (and soundproof) your home. It also features a waterproof adhesive that will stay in place even in humid conditions.

To install the seal, simply measure the gap between the door and the floor, clean the door to create an optimal surface for the adhesive to stick to, cut the strip to the desired length, and apply the material to the door. This stopper is suitable for gaps up to 1-inch tall, and since it measures 39 inches long, you have plenty of material to work with. If the back doesn’t appear to hold its grip, the brand recommends using a hair dryer to heat it up, which will make the adhesive more sticky.

According to more than 15,000 customer ratings, the product is easy to install and really works. Many also note that in addition to temperature control, the door stopper also helps to keep out light, noise, and bugs.

“These are a must-have,” one Amazon shopper wrote. “I couldn’t believe how easy these were to apply… “[I] noticed an immediate difference!” Others said it “keeps Mr. Winter out” and is a “piece of cake to install.”

No matter what you’re trying to keep in or out of your home, this affordable door stopper is an easy way to seal up your doors. Order one now to prep for the cold winter months ahead.

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