10 unique summer Scottish baby names and their origins and meanings

Woman with baby in Scotland
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The sun may not be shining in every part of Scotland, but believe it or not we are now in the peak of summer.

Moving into July has got us thinking about all of the summer babies across the country. If you are expecting a bundle of joy over the coming weeks, there is no better way to celebrate than by giving them a unique summer name.

The Daily Record has previously rounded up some of the most beautiful Scottish baby names that evoke winter and spring. Now, we have chosen 10 that bring to mind the warmest season.

From relatively common picks like Isla and Skye, to more traditional and out-there ones such as Somhairle and Dune, all of these names have some connection to Scotland. They are also perfect for a summer-born little one.

Read on for a roundup of 10 summery Scottish baby names, as well as a look into their history and meanings.


First up is the beautiful Scottish girls' name Isla, which perhaps unsurprisingly means 'island'. It is thought to derive from Islay, an island in the Inner Hebrides known for its various whisky distilleries. While Islay — or any island in Scotland — isn't exactly known for its balmy temperatures, we would be lying if we said the name Isla doesn't instantly conjure up images of summer.


Portree harbour (Isle of Skye) on a sunny day in summer
Skye looks absolutely gorgeous over the summer -Credit:Ulrike Schmitt-Hartmann / Getty Images

Similar to Isla, Skye is a Scottish name that comes from an island in the Inner Hebrides. Perhaps unlike Islay, though, Skye has long been a top summer holiday destination for families across Scotland. If you have fond memories of heading to the island as a kid over the summer months, the name Skye could be the perfect choice for your daughter.


Unlike the last two names, which have seen their popularity rise all over the world in recent years, you are unlikely to see many Somhairles outside of Scotland. If you prefer more unique and traditional-sounding names, it might be just what you are looking for though. With Gaelic origins, Somhairle means 'summer wanderer' — and it's hard to think of a better July name than that.


This ancient Scottish name means 'brook' or 'from the stream'. If you close your eyes and try to imagine a summer day, odds are that the tranquil sounds of a babbling brook will come to mind. While originally a surname, Annan has become more and more popular as a first name over the years.


Barclay is a traditional Scottish and English name that has a lovely meaning connected to nature — 'birch-wood' or 'birch tree meadow'. Again, it is hard to think of a more perfect depiction of summer than that. Also just like Annan, Barclay has historically been a last name but is seeing more usage as first name these days.


Scotland sheeps in a grass field sunset light Ewes
There is nothing more summery than a meadow on a sunny day -Credit:Origovisualis / Getty Images

The name Blair comes from the Gaelic word 'blàr', which means 'plain', 'field', or 'meadow'. The Gaelic translation is also said to mean 'child of the fields', making the name a great choice if you live somewhere rural. Unlike many of the picks on this roundup, Blair is also a popular choice for both boys and girls.


Another Gaelic name, Dalziel is derived from the word 'dal-gheail' — meaning 'white meadow'. Also said to mean 'bright dale', referring to a Scottish words for an open valley, it conjures up images of a beautiful glen illuminated by the sun's rays on a summer day.


Beach Scotland
There are beaches all over Scotland with picturesque sand dunes -Credit:Westend61 / Getty Images

The name Dune probably instantly makes you think of the epic 2021 blockbuster of the same name. However, it is actually a traditional Scottish name as well. Just like the movie, though, it does in fact mean 'sand hill'. What better pick for your summer-born little one — especially if you are a movie buff.


Morag is an interesting one, in that it has both Scottish and Hebrew roots. Deriving from the Gaelic word 'mór', it means both 'great' and 'sun'. If you are looking for a nice summery name, the sun seems like a pretty good inspiration.


This lovely girls' name has strong Gaelic roots, meaning 'bright' or 'shining'. It comes from the words 'soirche' and 'sorchae', which translate to 'brightness'. As if your bundle of joy wasn't already enough of a ray of sunshine, you can literally name them after one.

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