These are the 100 'most beautiful-sounding' baby names, according to science - they're pretty but would you choose one?

 A baby looking through the bars of a cot.
A baby looking through the bars of a cot.

A scientific study has revealed 100 of the 'most beautiful-sounding' baby names. Is yours on the list?

Finding the perfect baby name isn't easy - many parents want a cool baby name or a unique baby name that will stand out on the class register, but there are also plenty of names that parents love but don't feel 'cool enough' to use (which is why sticking to the most popular baby names might be preferable).

If you're struggling to settle on the perfect moniker, it turns out science might be able to help. Personalised gift retailer My 1st Years partnered with Associate Professor of Cognitive Linguistics Dr Bodo Winter to perform a study on scientific principles that could potentially indicate how beautiful-sounding a name is.

By looking at a list of the most popular baby names in the UK, they found that certain principles of linguistics and psychological phenomenons do make certain names more phonetically appealing and therefore more 'beautiful-sounding'. Their research resulted in a list of 100 of the most appealing boys' and girls' names.

50 most beautiful-sounding boys names

  1. Zayn

  2. Jesse

  3. Charlie

  4. Louie

  5. William

  6. Freddie

  7. George

  8. Ali

  9. Daniel

  10. Riley

  11. Omar

  12. Arthur

  13. Rowan

  14. Leo

  15. Joseph

  16. Theo

  17. Harry

  18. Noah

  19. Toby

  20. Jude

  21. Isaac

  22. Teddy

  23. Samuel

  24. James

  25. Elijah

  26. Luke

  27. Edward

  28. Logan

  29. Riley

  30. Max

  31. Liam

  32. Roman

  33. Ryan

  34. Jack

  35. Benjamin

  36. Lucas

  37. Henry

  38. Finn

  39. Jacob

  40. Mason

  41. Nathan

  42. Alex

  43. Alexander

  44. Theodore

  45. Adam

  46. David

  47. Hunter

  48. Muhammad

  49. Sebastian

  50. Dylan

50 most beautiful sounding girls names

  1. Sophia

  2. Zoe

  3. Rosie

  4. Sophie

  5. Ivy

  6. Phoebe

  7. Violet

  8. Willow

  9. Hannah

  10. Ellie

  11. Emily

  12. Evelyn

  13. Rose

  14. Eliza

  15. Eva

  16. Chloe

  17. Penelope

  18. Lucy

  19. Ruby

  20. Lily

  21. Olivia

  22. Emma

  23. Eleanor

  24. Bella

  25. Luna

  26. Ella

  27. Thea

  28. Nancy

  29. Isabella

  30. Maya

  31. Amber

  32. Daisy

  33. Amelia

  34. Anna

  35. Georgia

  36. Charlotte

  37. Elizabeth

  38. Maria

  39. Iris

  40. Aurora

  41. Jasmine

  42. Alice

  43. Eden

  44. Jessica

  45. Aria

  46. Harper

  47. Sienna

  48. Grace

  49. Ada

  50. Erin

Explaining how the sounds of names can influence parents' choices, Dr Winter said, "Research by Stephanie Shih shows that parents try to avoid choosing first names that would clash with their family names. If your family name starts with ‘S,’ such as Scott, Smith, Saunders, or Sullivan, it may be advisable not to have a first name that ends in ‘S,’ such as Marcus, Charles, or Nicolas – because the two ‘s’ sounds will blend into each other."

He added, "In another recent paper, Berger and colleagues found… that when there are major hurricanes in the US, the next generation of babies will be more likely to feature sounds that occur in the name of the hurricane, such as Katie after Hurricane Katrina."

He continued, "This seems surprising at first: nobody would want to name their child after a devastating natural disaster, of course! But when a particularly dangerous hurricane wreaks havoc over a country, the name of the hurricane will be mentioned again and again in the media. This means that we are exposed more to the same sounds, and it is known from psychological research that things that are more familiar to us are generally liked more, a phenomenon known as the ‘mere exposure effect.’ As a result, the speech sounds contained in hurricane names are actually more likely to crop up in names of the next generation."

While the research suggests that some baby names are indeed more beautiful-sounding than others, there are a lot of factors that contribute to how appealling a name can really be - from cultural influences to gender and family history.

If you're still searching for that perfect baby name, why not give our baby name generator a whirl or this Tinder for baby names app? You can also find inspiration in the oddest of places, from country music to these priceless millionaire baby names!