The 10p trick to keep flies at bay during a BBQ, picnic or beer garden trip

Fly on checked table
You can keep flies away from your picnic by utilising an affordable hack -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

The warmer spring weather means many of us will be gladly spending more time outdoors in the sunshine, hanging out with friends at a beer garden or even enjoying a BBQ or two.

But as lovely as the heat can be, it does often bring unpleasant visitors that are difficult to get rid of - flies.

The irritating pests can really ruin your day out as they buzz around your face, eyes and food and don't seem to go away. However, there's a little-known hack that can help to keep them at bay - and it only costs 10p to do.

That's according to Rob Chadwick, owner of CGC Interiors, who has explained that using a pint glass of tap water and a handful of pennies to keep flies away from your outdoor gathering this summer season.

It means you can enjoy time spent outdoors with your loved ones without being driven back inside by flies, whether you're in your own garden or a beer garden.

All you need to do is take an ordinary pint glass and drop around four or five 2p coins in it, then fill it up with water and place on a sturdy surface.

According to Robert: “The hack works for two main reasons. Flies hate naturally hate water and, the color of copper, which is why 1-penny and 2-penny coins will work far better than more valuable silver or gold coins.

"The coins and water together look far larger to flies thanks to their thousands of small, stationary eyes packed together - it’s estimated each fly has between 3,000 and 6,000. The water and reflection combined with their eyes, create a large water mosaic, which they’d fly away from in nature."

So whether it’s a trip to the beach, a local pub garden, or sitting in your own garden spaces, you can try out this hack and look forward to a fly-free summer.

There are a few additional steps you can take to keep a fly infestation at bay, and one of the most important things is clearing away any unattended food.

It is easy in the summer to leave your plates on the table whilst enjoying the alfresco life, but taking a few minutes to cover up food or take empty plates indoors can reduce the last of the flies

Secondly, always make sure to empty bins when needed. Ensuring your bins are put out each week will stop your fly population from congregating. Any strong odours will attract flies. During summer, the warm weather accelerates rotting (bacteria growth), and bins start to smell in term attracting flies.

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