11 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

In next week's Emmerdale episodes, Billy and Dawn are given terrible news about their baby boy.

Meanwhile, Manpreet and Charles are on the rocks, and Chas takes a brave step.

1. Dawn and Billy are fearful

billy fletcher, dawn fletcher, emmerdale

After finding another bruise on Evan's leg, Dawn calls the surgery and is immediately advised by Liam to go to A&E.

At the hospital, Evan is taken for tests, while his parents worry they'll be accused of abusing him.

When the paediatrician returns, they explain Evan is a very sick baby, leaving Billy and Dawn reeling.

2. Billy and Dawn struggle

billy fletcher, dawn fletcher, emmerdale

When the blood test results come back, the doctor asks permission to take an urgent bone marrow biopsy as Evan has low haemoglobin and platelet levels. The terrified parents agree.

Evan grows increasingly upset, but Dawn is unable to soothe him as he's nil by mouth and the frightened mum struggles to cope.

Billy returns to Home Farm to update Will and Kim, getting emotional as he explains Evan could have an infection, autoimmune disease or even leukaemia.

3. Evan's diagnosis is confirmed

will taylor, dawn fletcher, billy fletcher, kim tate, emmerdale

Will and Kim rush to the hospital to see their grandson, but are caught in Ruby and Moira's jam. They arrive just as Evan is ready for his biopsy and Will finds it difficult to comfort his distraught daughter.

The next day the doctor reveals the news they were dreading – Evan has a form of leukaemia. Outside the room, Will and Kim watch as Dawn collapses, their nightmare continuing.

4. Claudette and Bear share a spark

ella, claudette anderson, emmerdale

Claudette is invited to The Woolpack for a few drinks by Ella in an effort to cheer up Manpreet and she has so much fun that she ends up agreeing to have an alcoholic drink.

As the drinks flow and laughs are had, there's a spark between Claudette and Bear. Will it go any further?

5. Manpreet kisses Billy

manpreet sharma, billy fletcher, emmerdale

At the pub, Manpreet can't help but flirt with Billy, with her crush on him growing. Ella notices and pulls her colleague aside to warn her off going any further.

Later, after one too many drinks, Manpreet spots Billy leaving and calls him over. She pulls him towards her with both hands and kisses him on the mouth.

6. Charles hears about Manpreet's kiss

manpreet sharma, billy fletcher, charles anderson, emmerdale

The next day Ella consoles embarrassed Manpreet, reassuring her that Charles needn't find out about the kiss, but suggests she should apologise to Billy. Meanwhile, Billy tells Dawn what happened but she has other priorities.

When Manpreet offers her sincere apologies to Billy, she has no idea that Charles has heard everything. Later, he storms out on her, their relationship in tatters. Can Manpreet fix things between them?

7. Charity scolds Mack

charity dingle, mack boyd, emmerdale

Fed up with the way her husband is bad-mouthing her grand-daughter, Charity lays into Mack's behaviour.

Ever since Sarah started working at the family garage, Mack has felt threatened by her new job, concerned he'll lose out. Will Mack leave Sarah alone?

8. Jimmy has a plan

jimmy king, nicola king, emmerdale

With the small businesses of the village struggling financially, Jimmy comes up with a brain wave about how to turn things around.

He suggests they all group together to plan a village fete and soon Nicola is busy organising, grateful to be distracted from Angel's plight.

9. Chas faces reality

chas dingle, emmerdale

After her surgery, Chas is still battling with her self-esteem and wears prostheses for the first time, while she works at The Woolpack. She's buoyed by a great response from the women in the pub, except Kerry who makes digs.

Supportive Charity reassures Chas she doesn't need to wear the prostheses and later helps Chas look at her scars for the first time and face her new future.

10. Moira and Ruby are at loggerheads

moira dingle, ruby miligan, emmerdale

After Ruby is accidentally splashed by Moira's car, she is eager for revenge. So, when she meets Moira on a single-track road, she refuses to budge.

Once their bitter stand-off is over, Caleb urges Ruby to apologise but instead she starts a cruel rumour about Moira…

11. Belle is relieved

belle dingle, emmerdale

Belle starts to worry she's pregnant and takes a pregnancy test but she's relieved to realise she's not expecting.

Hoping Belle will change her mind about starting a family, Tom is disappointed by the result. Will he pressure her into having children?

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