11 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

In next week's Emmerdale episodes, Chas's disclosure about her cancer shocks the family.

Meanwhile, Gus has a compromise for Rhona, and Tom freezes Belle out.

Here are the 11 big moments to watch for.

1. Chas rocks the family

chas dingle, emmerdale

Gathering the family, Chas reveals that the cause of her cancer is the faulty BRCA2 gene.

She informs Cain, Caleb and Aaron that they might have it too. Cain and Caleb also learn that they could have passed it onto their children.

2. Aaron is uneasy

aaron dingle, chas dingle, emmerdale

As Chas goes to see Mandy for her birthday, she urges Aaron to make an appointment for his gene test.

But Aaron is uncomfortable and evasive in the face of Chas's mounting pressure.

3. Ruby and Caleb argue

ruby miligan, caleb miligan, emmerdale

Overhearing conversations in the pub about Chas and the faulty gene, Ruby demands insight from Caleb over what's going on.

As a huge fight brews, Cain intervenes and tries to move the confrontation outside but Ruby refuses and knees Cain in the groin.

Mortified Chas heads to the back room, where she's supported by friends and hopes for the best chance at surviving her diagnosis.

4. Rhona's court case causes stress

marlon dingle, rhona goskirk, emmerdale

Tensions run high at Smithy Cottage as Rhona's court case looms and it's clear that it's worrying everyone, including April.

Unable to brand herself a criminal, Rhona tells her family she'll be pleading not guilty.

5. April visits Gus

marlon dingle, gus, april windsor, rhona goskirk, mary goskirk, emmerdale

April skips school, visiting Gus instead. Determined to change Rhona's fortunes, April confronts Gus and begs him to tell the police that Rhona is innocent.

But April accidentally puts her foot in it by revealing Rhona is pleading not guilty. Gus drops her home but a huge argument breaks out.

6. Marlon fights with Gus

gus, emmerdale

Gus is furious at Rhona's plea decision. When Rhona moves to see Ivy, a tussle breaks out between Marlon and Gus and Gus ends up injured on the ground.

Gus refuses to accept Marlon's apology and April runs off, worried she has made things worse.

7. Gus gives Rhona a choice

gus, marlon dingle, rhona goskirk, emmerdale

Later on, Rhona is taken aback when Gus suggests they both change their statements and aim for not guilty verdicts.

Softening, Gus bargains and suggests if Rhona agrees he'll give her access to Ivy and cancel his house move. Will Rhona trust Gus enough to agree to the pact?

8. Tom goes cold

belle dingle, tom king, emmerdale

When Belle gets given a job opportunity by Suzy, Tom won't talk to his new wife. Later he admits he'd told Angelica that Belle would speak to her about her experience in the Secure Children's Home.

When Belle is hesitant about talking to Angel, Tom makes her feel terrible and so she agrees.

9. Belle's kindness backfires

belle king, angel king, emmerdale

Belle gets serious with Angelica about the reality of her future and the youngster's fear grows.

As Angelica worries about experiencing the same mental health problems as Belle and gets upset, Jimmy discovers both women crying and lectures Belle, who runs away.

Devastated Belle looks for reassurance from Tom, who denies encouraging her to speak to Angel but twists the situation when he promises to protect her.

10. Jimmy and Nicola worry

jimmy king, nicola king, emmerdale

With Angelica's punishment looming, Jimmy and Nicola worry their little girl isn't prepared enough for a spell in the Secure Children's Home.

How will her distraught parents cope when she finally leaves and faces the consequences of accidentally killing Heath?

11. Suzy and Vanessa flirt

martelle edinborough as suzy, emmerdale

Now back in the village for good, Vanessa's keen to rekindle things with her ex-girlfriend, Suzy.

Next week the pair share a flirtatious moment in The Woolpack. But will they decide they've got something worth restarting?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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