These $11 Silicone Ear Hooks Are the Only Thing That Stop My AirPods From Falling Out

Lindsey Murray

Lindsey Murray is an e-commerce editor who is sharing her go-to tech accessory.

AirPods are arguably one of the most coveted tech accessories of recent years, and for good reason: Wireless listening makes almost every task easier. I love that I’m able to ditch tangled cords that get in the way, so I can listen to music during my workouts and chat on the phone hands-free. However, there’s one time that even I, an AirPods enthusiast, find myself missing wired headphones: When one of the tiny earbuds gets a little too loose and falls from my ear without the bungee-like feature of a cord to stop it from smashing to the ground.

As it turns out, my ears are just weirdly shaped — enough so that my AirPods were never quite snug when I popped them in. They would stay in place, but it felt like one wrong turn would send them flying (not a risk I wanted to take with AirPods’ $170 price tag). I found myself reaching for my old wired earbuds when going for a run or doing dishes just to avoid a potential AirPod fatality, should one of the little guys slip from my earlobe onto the concrete or — worse — a sink full of soapy water.

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Then, a friend told me about EarBuddyz. The mini silicone ear hooks attach to the top of your AirPods (or other earbuds) and fit into the middle fold of your ear, offering a secure fit that’s more on par with athletic earbuds. I decided to give them a try during my next workout, and let me tell you, my AirPods were not going anywhere. Even through sweaty jumping jacks,burpees, and other high-impact movements, the buds stayed in place. At first, I worried the hooks would become uncomfortable after a while, but I’ve since worn them for an entire workday and forgot I’ve had them in. In fact, I find the soft silicone covering of the EarBuddyz even more comfortable than the outer hard plastic of the AirPods themselves. 


Buy It! EarBuddyz Silicone Ear Hooks, $10.95;

The best part: You can snag a pack of three pairs for just $11 on Amazon. Each pack comes with three different sizes so you can find your best fit, though I found that all three sizes worked for me, so I swap them out as they start to get dirty or worn. 

For less than a cup of coffee per pair, I think of Earbuddyz as worthwhile insurance for my AirPods. They offer me a little extra reassurance so I can use Apple’s trendy tech accessory to its full potential. Since I bought the silicone hooks, I’ve been using my AirPods twice as often as I used to since I’m not constantly worried about them slipping out of my ear — and that peace of mind is worth any price.

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