12 Fast Food Restaurants To Get A Snack Wrap Until McDonald's Stops Teasing Us

A collection of chicken snack wraps
A collection of chicken snack wraps - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

If die-hard McDonald's fans were granted just one wish, it would most likely be to bring snack wraps back to the U.S. One might argue that functioning ice cream machines would be another top pick, but let's be realistic here. The world's largest fast-food restaurant released its iconic wraps in 2006 as a lower-calorie menu option. They consisted of grilled or fried chicken, shredded cheese, lettuce, and either ranch or honey mustard sauce, all in a flour tortilla, and they became an instant hit. So much so that additional variations were later introduced, including the larger format McWraps, which debuted in 2013.

Unfortunately, both concepts proved time-consuming to make, and eventually, all wraps fell off McDonald's U.S. menus by 2016. Snack Wrap loyalists have been madder than a wet hen ever since. But, the company is finally hinting at a long-awaited resurgence.

"Today, the size of the Company's chicken business is on par with beef, as the Company continues to aggressively expand through billion-dollar equities including McNuggets, McChicken, McCrispy and McSpicy," a McDonald's press release from December 2023 reads. "This includes plans to offer McCrispy in nearly all markets around the world by the end of 2025 and to expand McCrispy into wraps and tenders." With this news, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. But, if you need something to hold you over until that far-off 2025 date, check out these other fast food restaurants offering their own chicken wrap renditions right now.

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Arby's crispy buffalo chicken wrap
Arby's crispy buffalo chicken wrap - Arby's

The Arby's we know and love today has all the meats — a fact the chain likes to beat us over the head with time and time again. However, this wasn't always the case. After its inception in 1964, it ran on simple roast beef sandwiches and soft drinks, not officially expanding its meat palette until 17 years later with the introduction of poultry.

It was a long time coming, but this move opened up the chicken floodgates, and ever since, Arby's menu has boasted nuggets, tenders, sandwiches, sliders, and yes, even chicken wraps. These tortilla-based treats were introduced to the chain's Market Fresh line in 2019 in three saucy flavors: Creamy Meditteranean, Jalapeno Bacon Ranch Chicken, and Chicken Club. A Southwest Chicken Avocado rendition also graced the menu board at one time, but the chain has since whittled down its offerings to just a classic Crispy Chicken Club Wrap with bacon and, for all our spice lovers out there, a Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Each is well-rounded with plenty of colorful veggies, making for a snack or entree that's "fresh, filling, and flavorful," as Arby's humbly puts it.

Burger King

Two Burger King chicken wraps
Two Burger King chicken wraps - Burger King

The King's ears must be burning as everyone across the realm talks about his entry into the wrap game. In August 2023, the chain unleashed a flock of BK Royal Crispy Wraps on the world in Classic, Spicy, and Honey Mustard flavors. These new creations take after their predecessor the Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich — introduced a year earlier — but ditch the bun for a soft, warm tortilla and roll it up to a more snack-able size.

To say this launch was successful is an understatement. Burger King North America's Chief Marketing Officer Pat O'Toole explained that the "Royal Crispy Wraps quickly became the most popular limited-time offering (LTO) to hit Burger King menus in the U.S. within the last four years" (via a Burger King press release). As such, they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Quite the opposite, actually, as the Home of the Whopper is already heating things even further by adding a new flavor: the Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap. This new variety joined the royal family with a vengeance on March 7, 2024. Coated in a combo of both spicy buffalo glaze and creamy buffalo sauce, it's not for the weak. But, at a price of just $2.99 — like all BK's wraps — it's a red-hot risk we're willing to take.

Carl's Jr.

Three Carl's Jr. chicken wraps
Three Carl's Jr. chicken wraps - Carl's Jr. / Instagram

Carl's Jr. has always been a bit of a wild card regarding its food offerings. Yes, it has fed the Western half of the country with its classic charbroiled burgers for the last 80 years, but it also slaps some of the most elaborate toppings onto its sandwiches — check out the Spicy Breakfast Burger or the Spicy Western Bacon Cheeseburger if you don't believe us. The presence of items like Chicken Stars and fried zucchini at its restaurants further proves its individuality. This is why we weren't surprised to find chicken wraps hiding on the chaotic menu. They are one of the chain's current "Featured" items, alongside Hangover Helper Meals and hand-crafted strawberry lemonade, and come at a price of 2 for $6.

The fun part is that the deal comes with a choice between the Ranch, BBQ, or Santa Fe wrap options. A tough decision, but made easier by the fact that only the sauce is different. No matter what you pick you can always count on a chicken tender, lettuce, and shredded cheese to fill your tortilla.


Chick-fil-A Cool Wrap
Chick-fil-A Cool Wrap - Chick-fil-A

It came as a surprise that most certified chicken joints don't offer chicken wraps. Raising Cane's, Church's, Bojangles, Jollibee, and even Popeyes let us down. But luckily, Chick-fil-A doesn't leave us high and dry.

The chain offers what it calls a Cool Wrap, which consists of "sliced grilled chicken breast nestled in a fresh mix of green leaf lettuce with a blend of shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, tightly rolled in a flaxseed flour flat bread." Each wrap is made fresh daily and served alongside a packet of avocado lime ranch dressing. If you want something with a little more kick, you can also opt for the Spicy Cool Wrap — which sounds like an oxymoron to us, but you get the idea.

That being said, we already know the question everyone wants answered: Can you get the Cool Wrap with Chick-fil-A's famous crispy chicken instead? The answer is maybe. People have been talking about this hack on TikTok and other social media platforms for a while and revealed that it is possible. Not all Chick-fil-A locations allow the swap, but apparently, it helps if you go inside to order. If all else fails, you can always purchase the wrap and crispy chicken tenders separately and take matters into your own hands.


Three Hardee's chicken wraps
Three Hardee's chicken wraps - Hardee's / Instagram

Hardee's and Carl's Jr. both began as separate fast food chains and on opposite sides of the country, with Carl's Jr. in the west and Hardee's in the east. It wasn't until 1997 that the two entities joined forces, uniting under one parent company -- CKE Restaurants.

Because of this merging, the two now share extremely similar business models and logos and even present nearly identical websites. They also maintain a few differences. The distinct names have stayed the same for starters, and while the menus are alike, they're not exact matches. For example, both include chicken wraps, but while Carl's Jr. sells the handhelds at a cost of 2 for $6, Hardee's undercuts its sister restaurant with a deal of 2 for $5. Plus, Hardee's offers an alternate lineup of flavors that better align with its eastern customer base, including Spicy, Honey Mustard, and Ranch tender wraps. For those days when you're not as hungry, the chain also lets you purchase its wraps individually.

Jack In The Box

Classic Crispy Jack Wrap
Classic Crispy Jack Wrap - Jack in the Box

What's in the box? We thought you'd never ask. The fast-food chain offers a slew of items that are on brand with its American food persona, including burgers, sandwiches, chicken fingers, fries, and milkshakes. Jack in the Box also throws a couple of curveballs at you with the addition of tacos, chicken teriyaki bowls, egg rolls, and, yes, plenty of flavorful Jack Wraps.

Customers can enjoy their wrap in four different ways. They can opt to keep things simple with either the Classic wrap with either grilled or fried chicken. Each includes shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, pickles, Good Good sauce, and buttermilk ranch dressing. Guests can also walk on the wild side with the grilled or fried Spicy wrap, which swaps standard Good Good sauce for spicy Good Good and sneaks in a handful of jalapeño slices. They're certainly on the fiery side, but Jack in the Box promises it's "a spicy good snack!"


Crispy chicken wraps from KFC
Crispy chicken wraps from KFC - KFC

Like Chick-fil-A, KFC is a chicken-focused chain that comes through for us, offering a snack wrap alternative. The Colonel and his team first introduced its finger-lickin' good Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps in February 2023 for a limited time. Later in October of the same year, the wraps returned at the same price of 2 for $5 and in varieties of Classic, Spicy Slaw, and a new Mac & Cheese Wrap. And then, in January 2024, KFC cranked things up another notch by throwing a Spicy Mac & Cheese and a Honey BBQ flavor into the mix.

During the latter release, KFC U.S. CMO Nick Chavez expressed confidence in the new product. "No beef .. KFC is THE destination for fried chicken wraps," he said. "We're serving up bold new flavors and big deals to help curb the post-holiday blues and give your wallet a break" (via KFC Newsroom).

The same press release reiterated that the wraps would only be available for a limited time, and the chain was not joking. Within two months, the crispy fan-favorite roll-ups had already become elusive, erased from the universal KFC website and struck from menu boards. So, it looks like we may have to hold our breath on this one and wait patiently for the wraps' resurgence — here's to hoping the Colonel's charges can beat McDonald's 2025 target date.


Sheetz Crispy Chicken Shnack Wrap
Sheetz Crispy Chicken Shnack Wrap - Sheetz

We know, we know. Normally, we wouldn't steer you toward gas station food — those rotating hot dogs and questionable sammies are enough to give anyone a conniption. However, Sheetz is no ordinary gas station. It's more of a convenience store and restaurant rolled into one, where you can fuel up and also fill up on made-to-order foods that are actually edible.

The Sheetz menu covers everything from big-mouth burgers and brats to fresh salads and tacos. In a category of its own, you'll find multiple spin-offs of McDonald's famed snack-time delicacy under the not-so-original yet Sheetz-ified name Shnack Wrapz. Two chicken options are up for grabs (grilled and crispy) and are available in either two or three-packs. The best part? They are completely customizable, leaving it up to you to pick a cheese pairing, sauce, and toppings ranging from expected classics like shredded lettuce and red onions to more adventurous add-ons like guacamole and voodoo seasoning.

If you're looking to up the ante with something outside the poultry realm, there's a Shnack Wrapz for that, too. Bacon, burger, and Boomin Onions & Cheddar wraps make up the other meaty options. And, before you ask, no, we didn't leave out an "L" in the latter's name to make it "Bloomin Onions" like the appetizer from Outback Steakhouse. Instead, it gets its moniker from the Boom Boom sauce, which comes slathered over the entire thing.


Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap
Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap - Sonic

Sonic has always been a great place to get your snack on. As you glide into one of its carports, you're met with endless options. You can indulge in something more filling, like a burger or sandwich, or take a trip to the fair with a Foot-Long Quarter Pound Coney, corn dog, or fried bites like mozzarella sticks and onion rings. And don't forget to wash it all down with your favorite slush or milkshake from the Frozen Zone.

That's all well and good, but for fans of the McDonald's snack wrap, your eyes will most likely be fixated elsewhere, specifically on the chain's two crispy tender wraps. Both follow Mickey D's structure almost to a tee, sporting one all-white meat crispy chicken tender surrounded by lettuce and cheese, but Sonic adds a bit of pizzazz. The Cheesy Baja wrap throws in a zesty cheese sauce in addition to shredded cheese. And, on the Hickory BBQ — you guessed it — hickory BBQ sauce is drizzled on.

These $1.99 wraps just hit Sonic menus in March 2024. But, if you want to give them a try, you'll want to head to the chain at the speed of light -- they're only slated to stick around until May.


Subway restaurant
Subway restaurant - Vladispas/Getty Images

Did you know that McDonald's original 2013 launch of its larger McWraps was an attempt to compete directly with Subway? At the time, the burger chain was looking to re-attract the attention of the millennial market by offering more "health-conscious" foods — a category where the national sandwich shop had already found success.

This strategy worked at the Golden Arches -- to some extent. Subway later clapped back by introducing its very own line of bigger and badder wraps in 2018, two years after the demise of the McWrap. Each of the swaddled handhelds was, and still is, packed to the brim with protein -- with the exception of the Veggie Delite, of course. Three chicken-filled options reside on the menu, including a Grilled Chicken Wrap, a Rotisserie-Style Chicken Wrap, and a Buffalo Chicken Wrap featuring Frank's RedHot buffalo sauce, all buff and bold enough to satisfy your cravings and then some.

The freshness doesn't stop there. The Subway menu features 14 wraps in total, featuring all sorts of meat and more, so there's something for everyone and always a new taste to try.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons restaurant
Tim Hortons restaurant - Shaunl/Getty Images

You gotta love the fact that Tim Hortons brings a taste of Canada to the U.S., but it does more than that. Alongside the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, its coffee helps fuel an entire workforce, and its Timbits are enough to put a smile on anyone's face. At most locations, it serves up plenty of afternoon pick-me-ups hot off the lunch menu.

Sandwiches and paninis are standard, but Tim Hortons also offers Chipotle wraps with either steak or chicken and bacon. The Chicken Bacon option will cost you a whopping $7.99. However, the restaurant helps you get your money's worth by packing it full of not only protein but also lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and smoky chipotle sauce. The chicken of choice is also grilled rather than fried, making for a more nutritious option and keeping the entire thing to a manageable 548 calories.


Wendy's restaurant at night
Wendy's restaurant at night - M. Suhail/Getty Images

Wendy's is undoubtedly best known for its sizeable and uniquely square hamburgers that promise never to leave you wondering, "Where's the beef?" They are the restaurant's true bread and butter, but the Columbus-based chain also has a deep and intriguing history when it comes to chicken.

In addition to the iconic nuggets that have ruled the roost for quite some time, Wendy's also added a grilled chicken sandwich to its menu for the first time in 1990. Six years later, it made history as the first major fast-food chain to introduce a spicy chicken sandwich. Today, the chicken options go on and on in the form of nuggets, sandwiches, and even salads. But, the latest poultry-based item to be added to the list is the Grilled Chicken Wrap — a 2023 launch that many presumed to be a jab at the chain's top competitor, McDonald's.

The chain describes the wrap as "Juicy, herb-marinated grilled chicken breast, shredded cheddar cheese and crispy romaine drizzled with a creamy ranch sauce and all wrapped up in a warm tortilla." You can also add extras like mayonnaise or Applewood-smoked bacon for a boost of flavor. The only downside is, like at Tim Hortons, the wraps don't come at a very snack-like price, ringing up at $5.69 or $9.59 if you want to make it a combo.

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