Here's What Pro-Palestine Student Protests Look Like Right Now

Here's What Pro-Palestine Student Protests Look Like Right Now

Reports of students protesting some American universities' ties with Israel have been generating copious headlines in the past few days.

Palestinian flag waving in front of a building with a dome and city skyline in the background
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Many of the student groups' aims are broadly similar: encourage the universities to cut financial ties with Israel or companies that support the war in Gaza. Campus protests began after the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre in Israel, and have picked up as the death toll in Palestine has risen to at least 30,000 people from subsequent Israeli attacks.

Image of damage in Gaza

So here's what the protests look like right now at universities across the US:

1.Columbia is making headlines after police initially tried to clear out student encampments on the university's campus on April 18, with over a hundred students being arrested.

Protest camp with signs supporting Palestine in front of a building
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2.The majority were charged with trespassing. According to University President Nemat Shafik, the protests are in violation of "a long list of rules and policies."

Sign on tent reads "Passion for Liberation" at a crowded outdoor event with flags
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3.On April 22, hundreds of Columbia faculty held a mass walkout in response to police involvement.

A field of Palestinian flags with names on them, planted in a public space for an event or demonstration

4.Classes will be hybrid until the end of the semester on April 29. Protestors have said that they will not move until their demands are met.

Group of people in prayer outside, kneeling on the ground
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5.Other universities have also set up "solidarity encampments," such as NYU's Palestine Solidarity Coalition. Their Instagram bio states, "We organize to break the university's ties with the apartheid settler-colonial state."

Crowd protesting with signs supporting Palestine and opposing capitalism
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6.On NYU's campus, over 120 people were arrested Monday following what university officials called "intimidating chants and several antisemitic incidents."

A police officer arresting a person
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7.According to Teen Vogue, the NYPD reportedly pepper-sprayed students and arrested several faculty members.

Crowd of people with flags and flares at a nighttime outdoor gathering
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8.This sparked further protests of police involvement in a peaceful protest the following day.

Aerial view of a public outdoor lounging area with arranged bean bags and small groups of people
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9.In Massachusetts, Harvard reportedly restricted access to Harvard Yard and hung warning signs against tents, leading some students to join the protest at MIT.

Group of people at an outdoor event with tents and a sign reading "LIBERATED ZONE."
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10.The Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee reportedly said it aims to “support MIT as part of the nationwide campaign to escalate for divestment."

Protest sign reading "No More Research for IGF" in front of a tent with people passing by

11.At Yale, over 40 students were arrested on Monday. Student group Occupy Yale wrote on Instagram, “Yale, you have intimidated us, criminalized us, militarized our campus and failed to accept our demands. We will not stop, we will not rest until we have disclosure and divestment.”

Protestors with a Palestinian flag in front of a building, expressing solidarity or demonstrating

The protesters depicted in the photo above were blurred to protect their privacy.

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12.University of California, Berkeley students began their protests on Monday in solidarity with Columbia.

Tents are set up on steps of a building with banners about solidarity and divestment. People are seated around casually
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13.And finally, the UC Berkeley Divest group has called for an end to the university's investment in groups that “arm and sustain the genocide in Gaza.”

Protesters with banners advocating for Gaza, in a public demonstration on steps, some under makeshift tents
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