15 East Lancashire pubs we've loved and lost and what they became

The Brunshaw, Burnley
The Brunshaw pub, Burnley -Credit:Alexander P Kapp

A night at down the pub is as British as Friday fish and chips.

Whether it's meeting friends, a celebration, or even going out to eat - chances are these plans will all involve a stop off at a pub and East Lancashire is no different. The traditional boozers of Accrington, Burnley and Blackburn are ever popular with footy fans before the kick off as much as well as the gastro-pub aficionados.

But competition from nightclubs and bars, plus the rise in the cost of living, means pub owners are under increasing pressure with hundreds calling time for good each year. Sadly, some great pubs that we've loved over years now only live in our memories.


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But to celebrate some of the loved and lost East Lancs pubs, we've put together a list of 15 gems many of us frequented through the years. Of course this won't be a complete list, so any you think we should have included then let us know in the comments.

The Duke of York, Burnley


An easy one to kick this list off with, The Duke of York was the happening pub in the '90s and a real focal point for the Daneshouse community in the town. It was a spacious public house that frequently hosted karaoke, pub quizzes, and ladies nights.

Sadly the pub was firebombed during the 2001 Burnley Riots and never really recovered thereafter. The building on Colne Road was set to be converted into flats.

The General Havelock, Burnley

If you ever wanted to step foot into the real Phoenix Club from Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights then The General Havelock was the best place to do it. This pub was located on Accrington Road, close to the Burnley Barracks railway station and Burnham Gate.

It closed down in 2014 and stood empty for several years. The Blackburn-based Euro Garages later acquired the site to construct a petrol station with an attached drive-thru Starbucks.

The Broadsword, Burnley

This hotel and pub may have gained popularity during the '90s alongside the rise of Braveheart and Highlander. Regardless, The Broadsword was a popular spot in the town.

Known for its array of Scottish weapons on display, including a claymore and a Lochaber Axe, this Market Square pub sadly had to shut its doors in the mid-1990s.

The Borough Hotel, Burnley

Halstead Street was once home to the historic Borough Hotel, a pub of significant importance throughout the town. Established in the 1860s, the Borough was Burnley's only free house for a long time, with all other town pubs being owned or run by the likes of Thwaites or Massey's. Despite its popularity, it was forced to close in 2005.

The Malt Shovel, Burnley

Where the popular Malt Shovel once stood on Hargrove Avenue, a spacious private home now resides. The pub struggled to adapt to competition during the 2000s, expanding into bed and breakfast before closing in 2009. The Grade-II Listed building was sold at auction for £175,000 that same year.

Ewood Arms, Blackburn

This Ewood watering hole used to be a favourite amongst Rovers fans before their team's games. Located directly opposite Ewood Park, Blackburn, it fell victim to the late 2000's financial crisis and shut its doors in 2008. Now, after a refurbishment, the building appears to be utilised for residential purposes.

The Infirmary, Blackburn

The Infirmary underwent numerous transformations throughout its existence, known previously as The Angel and then The Lockside Tavern. Situated at 197 Bolton Road, it adopted the name The Infirmary when the actual infirmary across the road closed and relocated to another part of Blackburn. It ceased operations in 2010 and made a TV appearance when attempts to convert the building into a care home failed.

The Big Crown Hotel, Accrington

The Big Crown Hotel was one of the town's most recognised pubs and was considered by patrons as a standout watering hole amidst the plethora of taverns on Blackburn Road. Nestled next to a railway bridge and opposite Gibson's Sports Shop, the pub was a popular spot for Irish ex-pats, or those who fancied themselves as such. The Big Crown had to close its doors in 1998 after the building was deemed unsafe.

The Bridge Inn, Accrington

The Bridge Inn, Accrington
The Bridge Inn, Accrington

The Bridge Inn unfortunately made headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2017 when locals complained that the derelict building had become an eyesore. The Bridge was a long-standing favourite in Accy, distinguishing itself from other pubs with its unique canonical shape.

The pub closed its doors in 2014 and was auctioned off for a cool £75,000 the following year; there have been recent discussions about transforming the building into a residential property.

The Brunshaw, Burnley

Surveying the peaceful and suburban Brunshaw Area around Pike Hill today, it's hard to imagine that a pub was once the beating heart of this community. However, the Brunshaw pub, located on Brunshaw Road, was one of the more frequented watering holes during the 1990s but suffered greatly from the financial crises of the mid-noughties. Regrettably, the Brunshaw closed its doors permanently in 2008 and a Tesco Express was later erected in its place.

Brewers Arms, Blackburn

The Brewers Arms was nestled on Great Bolton Street, Blackburn before it shut down in the 1990s. Despite its popularity, the free house was demolished in 2007 to pave the way for the construction of the Wainwright Crossing.

Corporation Park Hotel, Blackburn

The Corporation Park Hotel, or simply 'the Corporation', was situated on Revidge Road. Originally a three-storey pub, the Corporation was severely damaged by a devastating fire in 1997, resulting in the loss of its top floor.

The pub was renowned for its spot on the Blackburn pub crawl known as the Revidge Run, which covered all the taverns from Pleckgate Road, Shear Brow, Revidge Road and Dukes Brow. The Corporation Park Hotel remained operational until 2005 when it was forced to shut down.

The Courts Hotel, Blackburn

The Courts Hotel saw a surge in popularity during the 1980s and 1990s due to its proximity to temporary Blackburn College classrooms, closed its doors in 2000. The college subsequently purchased the building for administrative use before it was eventually demolished.