15 Facebook Marketplace Items You'll Wish, From The Depths Of Your Soul, You Could Unsee

15 Facebook Marketplace Items You'll Wish, From The Depths Of Your Soul, You Could Unsee

If you've ever dabbled in the Facebook marketplace hustle, consider yourself lucky if you've never had to deal with common exchanges like this:

Chat conversation about an iPhone sale. Buyer offers $385. Seller mentions needing $350 for kid's braces. Buyer insists on $385. Seller refuses. Buyer accuses seller of hating kids. Seller clarifies need for $385 for their own kid's braces
u/MemeHunter682 / reddit.com

1. Aside from some of the infuriating DMs people get on the platform, there are also hilariously ridiculous items that people are convinced they can sell. This couch is one:

Twitter: @RealBearSmith

2.Here's someone who thinks they can sell a microwave that ruined someone's phone WITHOUT a plugin:

Listing for a microwave. Description reads: "Works. Kid microwaved a cordless phone. We stuck it outside because it smelled. Then the dog chewed off the cord. Just needs the cord installed." Price $20 in Princeton, BC
boggbuttocks / reddit.com

3.This person is selling homemade tortillas made with what they are calling a "vibrating rolling pin":

Image of a Facebook Marketplace listing for "Fresh Tortillas" at $15 and a Facebook Messenger conversation. The listing displays tortillas and a purple rolling pin. The conversation humorously questions the rolling pin's shape
u/aglatte / reddit.com


Several circular dough pieces on a floured wooden board near a purple silicone adult toy
u/aglatte / reddit.com

4.This person is selling their kid-sized Minion coffin since their son "outgrew" it:

Yellow child's coffin with a Minion in Captain America costume decal. Text below: "Minion coffin. Free. Kids sized, my son grew out of it. 3 hr ago . 5.8 mi away."
u/AnticlimacticLlamati / reddit.com

5. This person is set on thinking someone will buy this ornament that is filled with actual baked beans:

Twitter: @lauren_burgett


Clear Christmas ornament filled with baked beans held by a hand

6.This person who thinks a letter "T" lover would also love to purchase this book that you can't actually read:

A book that is cut into the letter T, listed for sale for $5. The book can be read, but parts of the story will be missing due to the cut
u/Accybun / reddit.com

7.This person who is legitimately selling a leftover, cooked turkey:

Facebook post in Gainesville's Buy, Sell, Trade group features images of a cooked turkey for sale, described as slightly used for $75 or best offer
u/swampyhiker / reddit.com

8.And this person who is including a free chest case with their FULL BODY CONDOM:

Facebook Marketplace ad featuring a full piece body condom with a Warwick Rockcase/Flightcase. The top of the condom requires re-foaming. Measurements: 32 3/4" Length, 16 5/8" Width, 39" Height
u/ellaf21 / reddit.com


Translucent latex bodysuit with gloves and attached condom hanging on a door
u/ellaf21 / reddit.com

9.This person who is parting ways with their soon-to-be expired milk (AKA MARIO milk):

A milk jug with "BEST BY MAR10" printed on it. The listing headline reads "Limited edition Mario milk," priced at $50. Located in Little Compton, RI
r/CrackheadCraigslist / reddit.com

10.This person who thinks these "supremely disgusting" boxers are going to sell:

Supreme Boxers for sale at $40. Posted 11 minutes ago in Phoenix, AZ. Condition: used (normal wear). Ships for $3.49. Brand: Supreme. Clothing, men's accessories
@TwillyS / reddit.com

11. This person who believes they can sell "Greggs" plastered leggings:

Twitter: @loveofhuns

12.This person who thinks their curtain made of lighters that will likely not block any light at all is worth over a grand:

Beaded curtain made from discarded Bic lighters for sale in Bend, Oregon, priced at $1,500. Caption suggests it as a perfect gift for someone who has everything
u/yellowfang_the-cat / reddit.com

13.And this person who thinks they are the ultimate scammer selling this fake 11 pro:

An iPhone with a hand-drawn extra camera on the back is listed for sale for $1,500 on Facebook Marketplace in East Orange, NJ
r/CrackheadCraigslist / reddit.com

14.This person who thinks this homemade arm wrestling machine is a steal:

Homemade arm wrestling machine made from buckets, a mechanical arm, and a wooden chair for $69. Options: door pickup or local delivery. See estimate available

15.And, this person who thinks that these real-life Cheerio coasters will sell. They may prevent water stains, but I am struggling to see how a glass would stand upright on them:

Four coasters made from Cheerios embedded in epoxy resin. Text: “Epoxy Cheerios coasters $20 $30, Ships for $8.00, Includes Purchase Protection. Learn More.”

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