16 Fluffy Goslings Determined to Snuggle Under Adult Goose

More than a dozen Canada goose chicks fought for a toasty spot under an adult goose’s wings on a bank of the South Saskatchewan River in Canada, footage taken by a local wildlife enthusiast shows.

According to local media, Canada goose pairs produce six goslings per season on average, but “gang broods,” where many more follow a few adults, are common.

Video captured by Michael Digout on May 23, 2020, shows a teeming mob of fluffy young geese pushing for space next to an adult goose.

“Goslings sleep underneath their mothers when they are small,” Digout wrote on YouTube. “In this case, Mother Goose was looking after about 16 goslings and there was not room for all of them.”

“In the end, some had to settle for having their head covered but their butts sticking out,” he continued.

Groups of up to 47 goslings have been spotted in Saskatoon, the CBC reported. Credit: Michael Digout via Storyful