16 Jaw-Dropping, Soul-Sucking, Terrifying Photos That Made Me Say "Not Today, Satan"

Welp, another horrifying week is in the books, thanks to my addiction to r/oddlyterrifying. Here are 16 photos that sent chills down my spine:

1."Whales have fully formed, human-looking fingers inside of their fins, which can be exposed during a dissection."

A person wearing a glove holds a severed, fleshy hand-like appendage next to a butchered animal carcass

2."This random lemon eyeball that's on a shelf at my airbnb."

A lemon with a single cartoonish blue eye and red markings is placed on a shelf next to a plant

3."These are vulture bees. They make honey out of rotting flesh."

Close-up of flesh with bees crawling over it. The comb is partially damaged, revealing the inner structure

4."Normal spider?! Count the legs!"

A spider on a wall with orange dots added to its legs, likely to highlight specific points

5."One of the few access points to North Korea, the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, seen at night."

A night view of a brightly lit long bridge with multiple triangular supports spanning over a wide body of water, showcasing a modern architectural design

6."The top floor of my workplace elevator opens to this."

A dimly lit hallway filled with various standing mannequins of different sizes, all arranged closely together. Light source from the end of the hallway

7."Her cat sneezed into a bowl of flour."

A cat with its face covered in white flour, captioned "My cat sneezed into a bowl of flour ???" and "What comes to your mind when you first saw her??"

8."A few years ago, at my grandparents' house."

A hallway with vintage floral wallpaper covering the walls and ceiling, featuring several doors and a framed picture on the left side. No people are present

9."This man who brings his dog with him in abandoned buildings."

A black dog stands alone in a long, empty concrete hallway with peeling paint on the walls

10."Stumbled upon this nightmare in Pasadena."

Person with a backpack exploring a graffitied, overgrown tunnel entrance; right image shows the dimly lit, rocky interior of the tunnel

11."This is how flamingos feed their young."

Two flamingos, one feeding the other by regurgitating food. Natural setting in the background

12."Can't make sense of this photo I found on Instagram."

Person doing a seated yoga pose on rocks by the ocean with waves in the background

13."This billboard outside of YWCA."

Banner with a child's face and the text "JOIN US." seen on a building exterior, promoting the organization yccejg.org

14."This children's dentist's office has this showing at its public window."

A stuffed toy dragon with a large open mouth sits in a dentist's chair with a toothbrush in its mouth

15."This ominous ring in the night sky."

Two images showing a dark, halo-shaped object in the cloudy sky, one with a blue glow in the background

16.And finally, "A blood clot coughed up by my patient that perfectly shaped the lung cavity it filled."

A blood clot that looks like a detailed model of bronchial tree anatomy lies on a blue surgical drape next to a measuring ruler. The branching structure showcases the complexity of airway passages.