17 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Street, it's decision time for Dylan as he attends an important meeting at the school.

Elsewhere, Daisy gets a shock as Ryan returns to Weatherfield, while Dee-Dee confronts Adam over his surprising new secret.

Here's a full collection of 17 big moments coming up.

1. Dylan faces a meeting with Mrs Crawshaw

mason, dylan wilson, coronation street

As Dylan prepares to head back to school, Sean reminds him that he must give Mrs Crawshaw the names of the other boys who bullied Liam. Dylan agrees, but panics when he receives another threatening message from Mason.

In the meeting at the school, Dylan comes clean about his own involvement by showing Mrs Crawshaw the abusive texts that he sent to Liam. However, when Mrs Crawshaw demands the names of the other bullies, will Dylan cooperate?

2. Gary worries about Maria

maria connor, gary windass, coronation street

Gary fears that Maria is risking her health by staying up all night to watch over Liam following his recent crisis.

Gary tells Maria that they need a better plan to address the situation.

Meanwhile, Dylan's phone is confiscated by Sean as a punishment for his recent behaviour. When Dylan retrieves it, he listens to another message from Mason.

3. Daisy slips up over the Rovers secret

daisy midgeley, jenny connor, carla barlow, coronation street

Carla crosses paths with a representative from Waterfords at the Chariot Square Hotel. The rep confirms that he's meeting Daisy, the owner of the Rovers Return. Carla presumes that he's mixing Daisy up with Jenny, but her confusion grows when Daisy arrives.

Later, Daisy informs Jenny that she has bagged a new deal which will allow the pub to stock Newton & Ridley again. She defends using her initiative as she's co-owner of the pub, but Daisy regrets the row when she realises that Carla has overheard.

4. Daisy discovers Bethany's betrayal

mary taylor, daisy midgeley, jenny connor, glenda shuttleworth, coronation street

Daisy agrees to look after Bertie for a few hours after Daniel suggests the idea. She admits to Glenda that she still has feelings for Daniel and hopes they can reunite.

Later, it's party time at the Rovers for Rita's birthday. Mary's attention is drawn to a Chit Chat article on her phone, which seems very close to home.

Daisy is horrified when she reads the sensationalised headline: "I had a Torrid Affair with my Acid Attack Hero".

5. Bethany gets fired

bethany platt, daisy midgeley, coronation street

Daniel apologises to Daisy for not warning her about Bethany's article before it was published, but she refuses to engage with him.

Bethany soon learns that she has been fired from Chit Chat because Daisy has made a complaint against her. This sparks a row between the pair again, and Daniel takes Bethany's side when he tries to intervene.

Unimpressed by Daniel's attitude, Daisy drops the bombshell that Lauren blackmailed her and Ryan. She adds that Lauren only asked Daniel to tutor her because she wanted to pile on the pressure.

6. Ryan returns

daisy midgeley, jenny connor, ryan connor, coronation street

Daisy takes some time out in the back room of the Rovers following her difficult couple of days.

Her alone time is interrupted when Jenny walks in, revealing that Ryan has come to visit Daisy. Why is he back in Weatherfield?

7. Tim confronts Tracy over her affair

gav, tim metcalfe, tracy mcdonald, coronation street

Tim tells Tracy that he knows about her affair with Tommy. He orders Tracy to tell Steve the truth, or he'll do it for her.

Tracy braces herself to come clean, but before she gets a chance to, Steve drops down on one knee and suggests they should renew their marriage vows. Despite feeling terrible over her guilty secret, Tracy agrees.

8. Tim faces a tough decision

steve mcdonald, tim metcalfe, coronation street

Steve is quick to share the news with Tim that he'll be renewing his vows with Tracy.

Steve asks Tim to be best man at the upcoming ceremony, but will Tim throw a spanner in the works by exposing Tracy's affair?

9. Joel's wife visits Dee-Dee

embargoed 200224 0701, coronation street

Joel's estranged wife, Emily, pays an unexpected visit to Dee-Dee. She confirms Joel's version of events, explaining that they've been separated for over a year.

Emily praises Joel as a good man who deserves another chance, but Dee-Dee still isn't sure whether she can forgive Joel's secrecy.

10. Dee-Dee struggles following the split

deedee bailey, emily, coronation street

Dee-Dee heads on a girls' night out with Alya and Toyah, who hope to cheer her up following her split from Joel.

Alya and Toyah try their best to get Dee-Dee in better spirits, but she's not in the right frame of mind and wishes that she'd stayed at home.

11. Tracy makes a difficult confession

amy barlow, tracy mcdonald, coronation street

Later in the week, Tracy tells Ken and Amy about her affair with Tommy and they're both shocked by her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Tommy continues to work on the Metcalfes' new bathroom. Keen to put his loyalty to Steve first, Tim warns Sally that he wants Tommy gone.

12. Tommy's next move is revealed

tracy mcdonald, tommy orpington, coronation street

Kevin shares the big news that Tommy has accepted the job of assistant coach at a football academy in Spain.

Kevin explains that Tommy's career move isn't public knowledge yet, which leaves Steve intrigued.

13. Adam is ordered to destroy evidence

john, adam barlow, coronation street

Adam continues to work on the plan for John to take the blame over Natasha's murder. He spots a problem when John confirms his true whereabouts at the time the crime was committed.

Adam calls Harvey and explains that there's CCTV footage showing John visiting a shop when he was supposedly murdering Natasha. Adam hopes this will be the end of the plan, but Harvey orders him to delete the footage.

14. Nick and Leanne receive shocking news

nick tilsley, leanne battersby, coronation street

A family liaison officer visits Nick and Leanne at the Bistro, explaining that another man has come forward to take responsibility for Natasha's murder. She confirms that Harvey now plans to launch an appeal.

Nick and Leanne share the news with Sarah and Damon. Damon predicts that Harvey must have paid someone to falsely take the blame.

15. Dee-Dee confronts Adam over Harvey

deedee bailey, adam barlow, coronation street

Dee-Dee learns about Harvey's appeal when Nick tries to consult her over the troubling situation. She asks Nick for the details and promises to investigate it.

Realising that the case matches with one that Adam asked her about recently, Dee-Dee confronts him and demands to know whether he's working on Harvey's appeal.

16. Lauren is reported missing

bobby, craig tinker, coronation street

Bobby pays another visit to Lauren's flat, but there's still no sign of her.

Convinced that something sinister has happened, Bobby visits the police station to report Lauren as a missing person. Craig promises to investigate the mystery.

17. Cassie messes up again

cassie plummer coronation street

Fiz and Tyrone are due home soon, so Evelyn and Cassie clean the house to prepare.

Later, Cassie asks Abi not to tell Tyrone that she has been using his car during his absence. Kevin points out that Cassie has accidentally put petrol in a diesel engine, leaving her mortified.

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