18 Creepy And Terrifying Signs That'll Give You The Biggest Case Of Heebie-Jeebies

Despite being a big ol' scaredy cat, I sometimes intentionally search the web for things that'll freak me out. This recently led me to these 19 spooky and off-putting signs from r/scarysigns. And now, I pass them on to you:

1."Sometimes a sign is ready to tell you exactly how creepy the world is."

Warning sign with a silhouette between trees, text reads "Enter at your own risk," indicating a potentially unsafe area

2."Found this fun sign in the town of Madrid."

Yellow sign with humorous warning about supernatural and mythical occurrences

3."This is creepy, tho."

Sign on tree reads "NO TRESPASSING - WE'RE TIRED OF HIDING THE BODIES" as a humorous warning

4."Creepy sign in a Scottish circus."

Humorous warning sign stating unattended children will be sold to the circus

5."Trailhead in Tennessee."

Warning sign on a tree about a very difficult hiking trail with no phone service, advising unprepared hikers to turn back

6."A disease which has no cure."

Truck with a sign reading "This container transports a disease which has no cure" and urging to "look twice" for motorcycles

7."You will die."

Warning signs on ski slope indicating danger beyond boundary and necessity to return to ski area to avoid death

8."Percy Priest Lake in Nashville, Tennessee."

Sign partially submerged in water indicating 171 persons drowned in the lake, with 3 wearing lifejackets and 168 not

9."The drowning machine."

Warning sign by river illustrating the danger of a submerged weir known as "The Drowning Machine."

10."Apparently from Killington Ski Resort."

Warning sign advising not to ski alone because the mountains remain as cold and lonely as 200 years ago

11."Oh...ok, I understand."

Sign warning not to stand, climb, or lean on zoo fences to prevent harm to oneself and animals

12."Found this gem at a local bulk foods store."

Sign reads "CHILDREN MUST HAVE ADULT SUPERVISION THANKS!" with icons of two adults with eyeballs for heads and two children below

13."Well, this is menacing."

Traffic sign warning about a cattle grid for vehicles wider than 2.2m or longer than 7m, with a cautionary message below

14."Wish me luck... I see consequences in my future."

Warning sign on a dilapidated playground structure cautioning against play due to unsafe conditions

15."There was no beacon."

Warning sign about H2S poison gas, instructing not to enter area if beacon flashes, with a contact phone number

16."It really paints a picture."

Caution sign warning of nightly winching on a mountain with graphic illustrating the hazard

17."Do you think 24 people were injured or died to earn this many 🚫's?"

Safety instruction panel on equipment with multiple prohibited action symbols

18."Warning sign at my work."

Warning sign on machinery cautioning that it cannot distinguish between materials and human flesh

H/T: r/scarysigns