18 Fails From The Internet This Week That Are So Funny You'll Die

Hello, beautiful BuzzFeed readers, and welcome back to the panem et circenses that is my once-weekly Best Fails of the Internet roundup. Each one of these fails made me laugh this week, so please, enjoy!

1. This person's manager:

Twitter: @g_abe0

2. This thief who effortlessly pulled off a stunning tampon heist:

Twitter: @therimaahmed

3. Having to have an app for EVERYTHING:

Twitter: @KLobstar

4. This I'm-not-a-chef moment that I think each of us has been through at least one time:

Twitter: @Very__Regular

5. Getting corrected on your high heel terminology by the guy you're going out with:

Twitter: @bellanati0n

6. This amazing take from this person's wife (we all have our moments):

Twitter: @AlexRoseGames

7. This:

Twitter: @awejones

8. Universal to dads everywhere: reacting to even the most amazing news with nothing but "👍":

Twitter: @megjpeg

9. This bagel with approximately 42,098 calories in cream cheese:

Twitter: @credenzaclear2

10. This abomination:

Twitter: @cancers1ug

11. THIS abomination:

Twitter: @chicagodivediva

12. This cooking fail:

Twitter: @sarahradz_

13. This loving moment:

Twitter: @skatie420

14. Failing the vibe check of this cat:

Twitter: @tinygreenbug

15. This poor child:

Twitter: @ryanposting

16. This Google Maps restaurant name:

Twitter: @Dub__A

17. The way this sums up the state of the job market:

Twitter: @DefectivePigg

18. And finally, this person, who somehow managed to fly accidentally to Puerto Rico:

Twitter: @philliesenj0yer

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