19 Of The Funniest Signs From The Past Week That'll Make You Wonder Why Male Comedians Even Try

We're already more than halfway through May 2024 (what is time?), so let's celebrate by enjoying the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."This is the best company name ever."

Van with "Stuff Nipples Air Conditioning, Licensed to Chill" slogan and humorous rooftop ad display

2."For those who are embarrassed to ask to stop."

Rubber chicken placed on a bus seat with a sign instructing to squeeze it for the bus stop

3."Now in 3-D."

Exit sign with a figure running towards a door-shaped opening

4."First warning."

A warning sign on a post threatening to throw dog waste at owners who don't clean up after their pets, claiming good aim

5."What the hell happened here?"

Sign on door reads "We require you to wear your pants around your waist to enter this establishment."

6."You had 'noly' one job..."

Road marking misspelled as "NOLY" instead of "ONLY."

7."Damn, you drowning? Lol."

A sign with text 'If you see someone DROWNING lol', 'lol' represented as a stick figure in water, followed by 'THEN CALL 911'

8."No more. 😔"

Handwritten sign in a display case reads "NO MORE CREAMPIES Sorry :(" indicating they are sold out

9."What’s been going on in this cemetery?"

Sign reads "NO GOLFING IN THE CEMETERY" beside a fence with a graveyard in the background

10."Best place for whole family to hang out together."

Sign with family figures holding hands under a pharmacy cross with a snake and cup symbol

11."Signs with funny names if you read them in English, like..."

Sign reading 'Butthollenring' above a street, with a clear sky, construction equipment, and a building in the background

12."Guess the food store name."

Signage with humorous tone lists business hours and locations for 'Biscuit Bitch' café

13."I like the new street name."

Sign about proposed street name change from McKee St. to Poontang Boomerang St., with contact info and a fine notice

14."That's crazy."

Banner accuses someone of cheating, with names and a specific scenario described. Displayed in front of a house

15."This is the scariest drink to take!"

Sign displaying drink options: coke, C2, sprite, battle water, beside bottled waters at a food stall

16."This genius has figured it all out."

Signboard offering a deal: "Buy any 2 drinks and pay for both."

17."Damn, that's really low for an airplane..."

Warning sign reads "CAUTION LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT" with a flat landscape in the background

18."How do you spell 'congarjulasoins?'"

Signboard with humorous message about misspelling 'congratulations' as 'congrajlashins'

19."Natural selection."

Sign on a tree reads "BRAINS REQUIRED", "SPEED LIMIT 25", "AUTOS PICKUPS SNOW TIRES OK DON'T BE A CARRY A BRAINS", and warning about ignoring winter conditions

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