19 Signs That Are Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Funnier Than Any Male Comedian I've Ever Seen

19 Signs That Are Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Funnier Than Any Male Comedian I've Ever Seen

May has officially concluded! As a treat, here are the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."Well, it's fine, I guess."

Sign at a parking area states, "NO LOADING and UNLOADING. VIOLATORS WILL BE FINE." A red arrow points to a small joke on the sign's base

2."You mean I don’t get a 10-foot cinnamon bun?"

Store sign advertising a cinnamon bun for $1 with the note "Not actual size" humorously circled in red, suggesting the bun is not as large as pictured

3."What do they call it where you're from?"

A metallic sign above a sink reads "EMPLOYEE MUST 'WASH HANDS.' " A smaller sign near the sink reads "HAND WASHING ONLY."

4."What do you think of this?"

Complex road sign with multiple directions and highway numbers, including I-87 North, I-287 North and West, Route 59 East and West, Route 35A North, and Parkway South

5."Your vision..."

A sign reads: "Carrots may be good for your eyes, but booze will double your vision."

6."I know how you feel Mr. Refrigerator, I know how you feel…"

An old, dirty refrigerator is standing outside with the graffiti text "I used to be cool" written on its door

7."Fart water it is, then."

Text on the wall reads "FAR WATER FREE WATER" but alignment visually forms the word "FART" vertically. Indoor setting

8."I hate it when that happens…"

Sign with instructions: "This is not the penis museum. Go back to Laugavegur, turn left and walk 20 meters. It has a big penis logo. Sincerely, The people who work here."

9."They really don't like it."

A street sign with a speeding lemon illustration and a cautioning face. The text reads, "Don't Throw The Lemons (They really don't like it)."

10."You want to enter."

Two dogs standing on hind legs behind a fence. Signs on the fence read: "BEWARE of DOG" and "NO TRESPASSING: WE'RE TIRED OF HIDING THE BODIES"

11."Guys, I think this product contains peanuts."

A sign in front of a pile of peanuts that reads: "This product contains peanuts."

12."A popular burger chain tries liquid burgers with new IV hydration bar and lounge."

Five Guys restaurant exterior at dusk with a few cars parked outside. Twinkling lights are on inside the restaurant

13."Well, that was unexpected."


14."At a local restaurant."

Sign reads: "Unattended children will be given Redbull and taught to swear." Sits above a counter in what looks like a cafe or restaurant

15."If you leave, you will be asked to leave."

Sign reads: "Anyone caught EXITING thru this door will be asked to LEAVE!"

16."A sign at a local fair a few months ago."

Sign on a ride reads: "Ride can only be stopped in an emergency. Crying is not an emergency."

17."Where should you park?"

A sign reads: "The last car that parked here is still missing."

18."I am Dory; I can't keep up with my promises."

Chalkboard sign on a sidewalk shows a drawing of Dory from Finding Nemo with text: "I'll never drink again. Oh, look! Fireball!!!"

19."Mayo neighs."

A vet office sign reads: "MY HORSES NAME IS MAYO…" on the top line, and "MAYO NEIGHS" on the bottom line

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