2 People Rescued From Cars After Road Collapses in Naples

Two people were rescued after being stuck in their cars following the collapse of a road in the Vomero neighborhood in Naples in the early hours of Wednesday, February 21, Italian firefighters said.

According to local news reports, at around 5 am in the morning a road collapsed between via Morghen and via Bonito, swallowing two cars and a tree.

The two people in the cars were rescued by the firefighters and didn’t suffer major injuries, Corriere della Sera reported.

According to Rai News, 20 families living in the building nearby were evacuated and there was no running water in the area as preliminary investigations found that the incident was caused by a sewer collapsing.

Footage released by Italian firefighters shows the hole in the ground caused by the road collapse and firefighters at the scene. Credit: Vigili del Fuoco via Storyful

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