20 HILARIOUS memes of 'Drag Race's Kennedy Davenport's tragic Trixie makeup look

Mistress Isabelle Brooks Kennedy Davenport and Bob the Drag Queen
Mistress Isabelle Brooks Kennedy Davenport and Bob the Drag Queen

The queens are being shady!

This week, Drag Race season 15 star Mistress Isabelle Brooks posted a new YouTube video featuring a gabfest while she gave her fellow Drag Race alum Kennedy Davenport a Trixie Mattel-inspired makeover.

While having her makeup done, Kennedy spilled the tea on her infamous feud with Trixie. "I was the one with the beef," Davenport explained in the video. "My heart was broken. When I befriend somebody, I really take that to heart. I just felt, in the instances of filming [All Stars 3], not one time did she tell me she was reading me every chance she got. I really thought that we had created a bond that we weren't able to create during season 7."

But while the fight between the two queens is unfortunate, what's truly tragic is the beat Mistress gave her. It was…not her best work.

After the video hit YouTube, Bob the Drag Queen — who has also painted her own mug to look like Trixie — took to X to throw a little shade, posting a picture of Kennedy with the caption, "Mistress must be stopped at all cost. I need YouTube to demonitize her channel."

Not one to take things lying down, Mistress shot back by writing, "I'm ready for you to be on the channel baldy @thatonequeen."

The internet had thoughts!

Many people ran to X to comment on the less-than-stellar makeover, with one person posting, "Mistress Isabelle Brooks is so f—d up, not for putting Trixie's mug on Kennedy, but for putting SEASON 7 TRIXIE'S MUG ON KENNEDY. LIKE WHAT THE F—?"

Multiple people compared the look to Greta's makeup from Gremlins 2, while another person called the makeover a "hate crime," and someone else asked, "Mistress is in jail right now for this, right?"

Among all the hilarious shade being thrown, a few people stood up for Mistress, too. One person posted a picture of Trixie captioned, "The inspiration clearly was accomplished," and another person posted a photo of Bob in the middle of putting on makeup, writing, "Bob wants to be the only one," referencing Bob's own attempt at recreating Trixie's iconic look.

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