20-Year-Old Facing Life in Jail After Massive Cocaine Haul Intercepted

A 20-year-old man from Victoria has been charged for his suspected involvement in a drug trafficking ring which attempted to import AU$94 million worth of cocaine into Queensland from Papua New Guinea.

The Australian Border Force said the Cranbourne West resident was arrested on April 12 following a joint sting operation between a number of Australian law enforcement authorities.

Investigators intercepted two pallets of cargo arriving into Brisbane containing 289kg of cocaine, after the consignment was flagged on suspicion of using the altered details of a legitimate company, the border force said.

Police then seized the cocaine, replaced it with a harmless substance, and waited for the suspect to collect it.

Video released by the Australian Border Force shows several men pinned to the ground by police, who said the suspect was arrested as he left a short-term rental property in Strathpine, Queensland.

Police added that he was charged with possession of a commercial quantity of an unlawfully imported border-controlled drug, and faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Credit: Australian Border Force via Storyful

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