20 rare baby name choices for parents to compete with celebrities

Rare names are set to take 2024 by storm
Rare baby names are set to take 2024 by storm -Credit:Pixabay

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the biggest decisions and to make things worse, they're constantly evolving.

Recently there has been a shift from parents giving their children names that are meaningful, such as naming them after family members. Instead, they are opting for more unique and uncommon choices.

According to Mark Kowalczyk, founder of Special Moment, Hollywood's A-listers are not far behind in setting this trend. The likes of Kylie Jenner, who is known for her bold choices, has chosen the rare Aire for her son.

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Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn last year revealed the name of their second child: Jupitar Seaborn. Following their first daughter's unique name, Lyra Antarctica, it was clear they would choose another distinctive name for their newborn. Elsewhere, Gal Gadot named her child Ori.

Mark has provided his list of 20 of his favourite rare names, set to take 2024 by storm:

  1. Halo

  2. Marlon

  3. Yael

  4. Kanan

  5. Aire

  6. Kai

  7. Elio

  8. Myles

  9. Royal

  10. Atticus

  11. Maleah

  12. Ori

  13. Starlette

  14. Snowdrop

  15. Kahlani

  16. Elodie

  17. Lara

  18. Luxury

  19. Eloise

  20. Aviana

Mark said: "Names like Yael, Elio, and Elodie showcase a global influence, reflecting a modern parent's world view. Meanwhile, names like 'Snowdrop' and 'Luxury' push the boundaries of traditional naming conventions, signaling a bold and artistic approach .

"Names like Marlon, Royal, and Atticus have an elite touch, making them striking choices for parents looking for something grand. While Elsa, Ophelia, and Starlette exude a whimsical charm, perfect for a baby girl.

"Hollywood and cultural influences play a significant role, but ultimately, it’s about parents wanting to give their child a singular start in life with a name that stands out in both sound and substance."

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