20 trendiest toys for outdoor fun this summer have been revealed, and #1 is a playground classic

 Two children running around in a garden with arms out wide.
Two children running around in a garden with arms out wide.

With the summer in reaching distance, new data has revealed the hottest toys for outdoor play when the weather warms up.

Having the best outdoor toys and games on hand for when the summer holidays hit is a great way to ensure your kids get some time outside and away from screens, as well as getting some exercise without even realising it. Many of this year's top toys are tailored to indoor play, which might not be a bad thing, given the unpredictable British weather, but it's worthwhile having a couple of the hottest options for outdoor play on hand for when the sun does manage to peep through. And the trendiest options have been determined thanks to new data from The Entertainer after the retailer analysed Google Trends data to compile the list and rank the toys.

And it's a playground classic that takes the top spot.

Outdoor toy trends for summer 2024

The data found that seesaws were the most popular outdoor toy for 2024, with 339,000 average monthly searches, which is a 68 per cent increase over the last 12 months. If you wanted to invest in a seesaw for your kids to enjoy in your own garden, then something like this crocodile rocker from Amazon would be great for younger kids - plus, they're not reliant on a playmate to enjoy the seesaw fun as they can sit in the middle and rock away.

As they grow, you might opt for something a little bit more substantial, like this seesaw (also from Amazon) that spins as well as bounces.

Sports equipment like rugby balls, tennis rackets, basketballs and mini golf sets also make the list alongside more sedate options like kid-friendly gardening tools, foam gliders and a sandpit. Take a look at the list in full:

  1. Seesaw

  2. Gardening tools for kids

  3. Zipline kit

  4. Rugby ball

  5. Tennis racket and balls

  6. Foam gliders

  7. Fishing rods for kids

  8. Cricket set

  9. Basketball

  10. Volleyball

  11. Kite

  12. Mini trampoline

  13. Trampoline

  14. Climbing dome

  15. Toy bucket

  16. Tetherball

  17. Mini golf set

  18. Slide

  19. Water gun

  20. Sandpit

Engaging in outdoor play is good for your child's physical and mental health as counsellor Georgina Sturmer, MBACP, explains: “Playing outside encourages us to flex our muscles and run around. This is good for our physical health and has a knock-on impact on our mental well-being too.

“Playing outside requires us to engage all of our senses. As we experience the outdoor world, nature and fresh air, it can calm our nervous system or lift our mood, reminding us to retain perspective over any stresses or worries.”

But in addition, this type of play can also help boost a child's creativity as well as their self confidence. Georgina adds: “Outdoor play often incorporates elements of careful risk-taking. Seeing if we can jump high enough, reach far enough, balance well enough. This is a natural way for children to develop their confidence and self-esteem. They learn to attempt new things, to experience setbacks and to challenge themselves to keep trying something new.

“Outdoor toys and games can be played in many different ways. They encourage us to think creatively, to design new games, to collaborate with others, to role play imaginary scenarios.”

Speaking on the research, David Westman, Recreational Play Expert at The Entertainer said: “As we approach summer, it’s always intriguing to explore the outdoor toy product trends to spot the items generating the most interest.

“It was also encouraging to see so many products that promote active play, such as tennis rackets and balls. These toys are great for remaining physically healthy outside of school months when children tend to be less active."

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