20 unusual baby names set to be popular in 2024 from Halo to Atticus

Parents might opt for a more unusual name for their newborn in 2024...
Parents might opt for a more unusual name for their newborn in 2024... -Credit:Getty Images

Parents are often on the hunt for unique and meaningful baby names, and 2024 is set to see a surge in unusual choices.

Experts suggest that there's a growing trend for distinctive names that allow children to carve out their own identity, reports Wales Online.

Celebrities are leading the charge with their unconventional picks. Kylie Jenner named her latest addition Aire, while Ed Sheeran announced his second child's name as Jupiter Seaborn, following the unique naming pattern started with their first daughter, Lyra Antarctica. And recently, Gal Gadot opted for the name Ori for her offspring.

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Mark Kowalczyk, founder of Special Moment, has delved into the trend, predicting a rise in rare names for the coming year.

Mark commented: "Names like 'Yael', 'Elio', and 'Elodie' showcase a global influence, reflecting a modern parent's world view. Meanwhile, names like 'Snowdrop' and 'Luxury' push the boundaries of traditional naming conventions, signalling a bold and artistic approach. Names like Marlon, Royal, and Atticus have an elite touch, making them striking choices for parents looking for something grand. While Elsa, Ophelia, and Starlette exude a whimsical charm, perfect for a baby girl."

He added: "Hollywood and cultural influences play a significant role, but ultimately, it's about parents wanting to give their child a singular start in life with a name that stands out in both sound and substance."

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Here are 20 unique names predicted to become popular in 2024:

1. Halo

2. Marlon

3. Yael

4. Kanan

5. Aire

6. Kai

7. Elio

8. Myles

9. Royal

10. Atticus

11. Maleah

12. Ori

13. Starlette

14. Snowdrop

15. Kahlani

16. Elodie

17. Lara

18. Luxury

19. Eloise

20. Aviana