20 vintage baby names that are set to make a comeback in 2024

Housing units on the Southgate Estate, Runcorn. Circa 1977.
Housing units on the Southgate Estate, Runcorn. Circa 1977. -Credit:Mirrorpix

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most significant and lasting decisions a parent can make.

Whether you're a fan of the more classic names or looking for something a bit more unique, it's rarely easy choosing a name for a child. Over time, many parents have taken inspiration from popular culture, whereas others go for more 'traditional' names that have never really gone out of fashion.

Studies have also found which baby names have seen the biggest increase - and decrease - in popularity in around the last decade. But more recently, a trend of classic, old-world names for babies is re-emerging.

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Once thought to be old-fashioned, a number of names for baby boys and girls are on the rise again. Celebrities are also following the vintage name trend., such as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds who have named their three of their four children James, Betty, and Inez.

Frank and Christine Lampard also named their eldest daughter Patricia in 2018 in memory of the former Chelsea footballer’s mother. According to the research team at SnappyWords, below is the list of vintage baby names that will continue coming back in 2024.

Vintage baby names set to comeback

  1. Cordelia

  2. Julia

  3. Betty

  4. Dorothy

  5. Florence

  6. Henry

  7. Oliver

  8. Vincent

  9. Patricia

  10. Earl

  11. Gloria

  12. Adelaide

  13. Inez

  14. Evelyn

  15. Estelle

  16. James

  17. Atticus

  18. Louis

  19. Edwin

  20. Chester

A spokesperson from SnappyWords commented on their list of favorite vintage names. They said: "Opting for a vintage name that's fallen out of common use is a way to seem original or creative without being too audacious.

"It might be a surprising pick, yet not an unfamiliar one. Old-fashioned baby names carry a rich history. Over time, many have taken on charming qualities that parents admire. Names like Cordelia, Julia, Gloria and Adelaide may seem romantic and have royal and elegant rings, while Atticus and Earl feel bold.

Do you love any of these vintage baby names? Let us know in the comments section below.

Henry, Oliver and Louis are hard to resist because of their deeply rooted royal associations, while Betty and Inez were popular in the 20th century and present a charming simplicity. The popularity of these vintage names is on the rise, thanks to their elegant and historic appeal. It's no surprise that more and more people are choosing them for their newborns."

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