2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Price Drops as Much as $5500

2024 ford f150 lightning flash
2024 Ford F-150 Order Books Open with Lower PricesFord
  • Ford has reopened its order books for the 2024 F-150 Lightning, with lower prices on many of the models, including the XLT, Flash, and Lariat.

  • The price for the new Flash trim drops the most, cutting $5500 from the price at the start of 2024 from $75,590 to $70,090.

  • The price changes are concurrent with a handful of midyear changes to the Lightning such as a new heat pump system and an updated charging display for the dash.

Ford reopened the order books for the 2024 F-150 Lightning, allowing customers to buy the electric pickup once more—this time with lower prices for three trims. Pricing for three of the Lightning's five trims has been reduced, while the base Pro and top-trim Platinum hold their original prices.

2024 ford f150 lightning lineup

The Flash model, which is new for 2024, earns the most significant price reduction of $5500 and drops from $75,590 to $70,090. Pricing changes for the XLT and Lariat models are smaller, but not insignificant. The XLT now starts at $65,090, and the extended-range battery-equipped Lariat now starts at $79,090. Those changes mark reductions of $2000 and $2500 respectively. Pricing for the Pro and Platinum trims remains unchanged compared to the start of the model year at $57,090 and $87,090 respectively.

Additional Updates

The price changes are concurrent with multiple separate alterations to the Lightning's equipment offerings. A new vapor injection heat pump system has been added to the Lightning to moderate battery temperatures. Charging information for the instrument cluster has been updated, adding current charge status, charging speeds, and an estimated finish time to the display.

Ford's towing technology package now comes standard on all but the base Pro model, while the manufacturer's Blue Cruise hands-free driving joins the upper trims. Keyless entry, a walk-away locking function, and a change that powers up the ProPower onboard generator as soon as you unlock the truck round out the changes.

ford f 150 lightning

Price adjustments for the F-150 Lightning are nothing new. Whether it's Ford raising prices three times in five months (a thing that occurred in 2022), or it's Ford dropping prices for the electric pickup by $10,000 in one go (something that happened in 2023), the Lightning's pricing has ping-ponged with no real sign of settling.

This most recent fluctuation comes months after Ford announced plans to scale back F-150 Lightning production, effective April 1. The production changes come as Ford attempts to "match production to customer demand." A statement released by Ford at the time explained that the company expects continued EV sales growth this year, with the caveat that the growth will be smaller than Ford's initial estimates.

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