2024 SAG Awards Red Carpet Winners: Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Pedro Pascal Top the List

For anyone wondering about the impact of airing the 30th annual Screen Actors Guild exclusively on Netflix, only a cursory glance is needed at the The Hollywood Reporter/Launchmetrics Red Carpet Power Rankings resulting from the event. Earned exposure at the SAG Award for many luxury brands — and the stars who wore them — saw a significant drop from previous 2024 awards shows.

Netflix has not released specific viewership data for the SAG Awards, but the show is not included in the streaming giant’s Global Top 10 TV list for the week of Feb. 19 to Feb. 25; with The Tourist: Season 1 at the No. 10 position (garnering only 2.1 million views), it’s a sure bet viewership of the SAG Awards doesn’t approach that figure. By contrast, the 66th annual Grammy Awards attracted an average of 17.09 million viewers during the Feb. 4 broadcast (on both CBS and Paramount+) and represented a double-digit increase over the previous year.

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Fashion, jewelry and watch brands eager for viral red-carpet moments ultimately may be grateful that E! hosted its Live From E!: SAG Awards pre-show, though it’s undetermined how large a role that two-hour event may have played in boosting earned-exposure numbers. What can be surmised by the Red Carpet Power Rankings results seems to be rooted in two ideas: that high-profile winners throughout the awards season continue to garner interest; and the power of advance promotion can’t be discounted. The latter is certainly true of a high-wattage trio of presenters, who played an integral role in the top-three fashion brands at the SAG Awards — but more on them in a moment.

This roundup of SAG Awards results is the latest installment as Launchmetrics and THR partner to exclusively throughout the 2024 awards season produce the Red Carpet Power Rankings, which analyzes the brands worn by stars at the six major televised awards shows. Launchmetrics employs its proprietary Media Impact Value (MIV) algorithm to analyze and rank the brands and stars seen on red carpets, spanning five categories: fashion, watches and jewelry, and accessories, as well as the top five women and the top five men at each event. The Launchmetrics MIV algorithm assigns a monetary value to every post, social media interaction and editorial story to determine a brand’s influence and has been recognized industrywide as the solution to modern brand measurement.

Who fared best at the SAG Awards, garnering millions in earned exposure for the brands they wore? Check out the top stars below.

Fashion: Lily Gladstone Places Armani Among the Top Five

Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 10 Fashion Brands bar chart
Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 10 Fashion Brands bar chart

Lily Gladstone’s best actress nod for Killers of the Flower Moon was roundly agreed to be among the night’s most thrilling wins, covered widely in post-event stories and enthusiastically discussed on social media as she accepted her trophy: “Wow. Sobbing on a Saturday night watching the incredible Lily Gladstone win the SAG Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture,” a fan posted on X.

Gladstone has been wearing a variety of high-end labels throughout the 2024 awards season; for the SAG Awards, her choice was a custom Giorgio Armani Privé red silk gown embellished with red fringe, while blue fringe was featured along the hemline, and the diamond halter neckline was accented with Swarovski crystals. Carey Mulligan, Elizabeth Debicki and Jessica Chastain also wore Giorgio Armani Privé at the event, and while Debicki likewise was a winner for The Crown, anyone would quickly agree it was Gladstone’s night. And that translated to a great evening for Armani as well, coming in at No. 4 with a media-impact value of $3.1 million.

But for the top-three fashion brands at the SAG Awards, look no further than presenters Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt, who met onstage in a comedic homage to their roles in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada, a reunion widely covered when it was announced days before the ceremony. With Hathaway in Versace, Streep in Prada and Blunt in Louis Vuitton, the trio’s appearance easily was among the night’s most anticipated segments — though Selena Gomez and Brie Larson, both also wearing Atelier Versace, likewise played a role in that label capturing the top spot. Ultimately, Versace earned a media-impact value of $6.7 million, while Prada’s MIV totaled $6.4 million, and at No. 3, an MIV of $4.8 million for Louis Vuitton.

Finally, Margot Robbie continued her season of Barbie-themed fashion at the SAG Awards, wearing a black minidress with a Barbie-pink sash that started at her shoulder and cascaded to the floor, created by Daniel Roseberry for Schiaparelli. The result: a solid fifth-place finish for the Paris-based house — especially as the brand was worn by a single star versus several — with an MIV of $2.8 million.

Top 5 Women at the SAG Awards: The Devil Wears Prada Factor

Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 5 Women bar chart
Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 5 Women bar chart

Hathaway leaned into an iconic moment — and color — from The Devil Wears Prada with her custom Versace gown for the SAG Awards, taking pleasure in talking up cerulean blue during the pre-show on the carpet. The color name quickly ignited a social-media frenzy, while pre- and post-show coverage likewise covered what turned out to be among the night’s most high-profile style moments. No one should be surprised that Hathaway took the top spot among women, earning a media-impact value of $3.5 million.

For additional proof of the power that accompanies the reunion of three highly popular actresses, look no further than Streep’s second-place finish among top-five women, earning an MIV of $3.4 million for wearing — what else? — Prada, a burgundy georgette gown accented with crystals embroidered in a fireworks motif. And while it’s not reflected on the top-five chart, Blunt and her custom look by Louis Vuitton just missed the cut with a sixth-place finish.

Rounding out the top five: Gomez and her white Versace gown scored $2.7 million in MIV, Robbie’s Barbie homage netted an earned exposure of $2.1 million, and Emma Stone came in at No. 5 with a media-impact value of $1.7 million for her custom Louis Vuitton slip gown in silver metallic lace. That latter stat was a squeaker, however, with less than $3,000 separating Stone and Blunt’s MIV numbers.

Top 5 Men at the SAG Awards: Coleman Domingo Scores Big (Again)

Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 5 Men bar chart
Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 5 Men bar chart

Fashion fans were divided by Pedro Pascal’s Prada look, seen most prominently when The Last of Us star won the SAG Award for best actor in a drama series. Some online pronounced his combination of unbuttoned white shirt and black pants “boring,” while others thought it exuded a Pride & Prejudice/Mr. Darcy vibe. Pascal’s stylist also noted on X that no one should take the look for granted: “This seemingly simple look was months in the making,” she tweeted. All that chatter catapulted Pascal and his Prada ensemble into the top spot, with an MIV of $1.4 million.

Colman Domingo, meanwhile, continued his awards-season style streak, earning a media-impact value of $691,000 for his beautifully tailored suit in blush pink, a custom design by Off-White. Jeremy Allen White and Cillian Murphy likewise made repeat appearances in the Power Rankings — with $628,000 and $575,000 in media-impact value, respectively — which also amped up the surprise factor of seeing a first-time entry: Red, White & Royal Blue star Taylor Zakhar Perez, who admitted during the pre-show that he was an awards-show newbie. But social media clearly noticed Perez, who looked terrific in a navy double-breasted tuxedo by Louis Vuitton, resulting in an MIV of $618,000 and the No. 4 spot.

Accessories: Betsey Johnson and Sophia Webster Enter the Rankings

Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 5 Accessory Brands bar chart
Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 5 Accessory Brands bar chart

Make room, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo: Betsey Johnson and Sophia Webster have arrived to steal some accessories thunder. Johnson’s No. 2 position on the list, with an MIV of $577,000, also proves a direct correlation between popular stars and the brands they wear, as Taraji P. Henson wore Johnson’s $139 Dean Black ankle-strap sandals at the SAG Awards, prompting a slew of coverage about her choice of “affordable” footwear — especially after she name-checked her shoes to her 21.8 million Instagram followers. Meanwhile, Quinta Brunson’s pairing of Sophia Webster shoes with her Saint Laurent gown and Yvan Tufenkjian jewels was enough to propel British designer Webster into the No. 5 position, with $263,000 in earned exposure.

Watches & Jewelry: Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. Score Big

Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 10 Watch & Jewelry Brands bar chart
Red Carpet Power Rankings SAG Awards - Top 10 Watch & Jewelry Brands bar chart

It’s not surprising Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. created a one-two punch at the SAG Awards; between the two legendary jewelers, they provided sparkle to five hot stars: Hathaway and Henson wore Bulgari, while Blunt, White and The Gilded Age‘s Louisa Jacobson wore pieces by Tiffany & Co. The placements resulted in $1.4 million and $994,000 in media-impact value, respectively.

Messika’s appearance on the list can be credited to the celebrated style of both Gomez and Tracee Ellis Ross, who paired her jewels with Balmain; between the two stars, the Paris-based jeweler scored a media-impact value of $378,000, a total that resulted in the No. 5 position. Also in the category of double placements garnering both social-media chatter and post-show coverage: TAG Heuer, which provided both Ryan Gosling and Glen Powell with timepieces — Gosling wearing the brand’s Carrera Chronograph Gold with his Gucci pale blue suit and Powell with the Carrera Day-Date, its black dial pairing nicely with the black lapels of his custom Brioni bronze brown silk evening jacket. The dual TAG Heuer appearances put the brand in the No. 6 spot, with earned exposure totaling $291,000. Finally, much also was made of Robbie’s Lorraine Schwartz jewels, which totaled 95 carats of diamonds and vaulted the famed designer into the No. 8 spot with an MIV of $226,000.

Next up for the Red Carpet Power Rankings, the apex of the 2024 awards season: the 96th Academy Awards, to be broadcast live on ABC on Sunday, March 10. In addition to the results from that event, the Red Carpet Power Rankings will wrap up with a full-season recap later in the month, tallying the results from the six televised awards shows to determine the luxury brands that reaped the biggest benefits in earned exposure throughout the season.

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