25 easy and fun Christmas quiz questions and answers for this year's festive fun

Do you know your wreaths from your reefs? Test your Christmas knowledge here (PA)
Do you know your wreaths from your reefs? Test your Christmas knowledge here (PA)

What connects Robbie Williams, Jorja Smith and Elton John? If you said they are all singers, you have failed the first question - but if you said they are all in the Evening Standard’s Christmas quiz then you are off to a good start.

Even if there is no snow, there really is no place like London to celebrate Christmas (as Emily Phillips writes) but if you are leaving for afar there is plenty to enjoy - even if it is just what is on TV.

Here are 25 questions that will test your knowledge of tradition, pop culture, film and music. Most of the questions are vaguely based on articles we have done but it's not one to overthink!

In 2023, we lost an icon of Christmas music - Shane Macgowan. It is also set to be the second time that Charles III makes the annual address on December 25 as King.

If you want to swat up before taking this quiz, check out our Christmas traditions guide and check out what’s open on Christmas Day in London. While you’re at it, here are some options for a Christmas dinner that won’t break the bank. Plus, it's not in the quiz, but if you want to know how much Noddy Holder, Wizzard and Mariah Carey make from their songs year on year you can find out here.

And, if you think this whole exercise is a cynical ploy to divert readers’ attention to our articles, then… maybe cheer yourself up with one of these alternative Christmas songs?

If you score:

0-7: Bah Humbug,

8-14: You had a nightmare before Christmas,

15-20: A fairytale of new sorts,

21-25: You wish it could be Christmas every day.

Here’s the quiz, best of luck!


  1. Which country had the first Christmas tree as a tradition?

  2. And which British monarch popularised the tradition over here?

  3. In which James Bond film is there a character called Dr Christmas Jones?

  4. Christmas Island is the external territory of which country?

  5. Which former president of the United States has a cameo in Home Alone 2?

  6. Who of Mariah Carey, Shane Macgowan, Shakin’ Stevens and Jona Lewie was born on Christmas Day?

  7. The tradition of sending Christmas cards began in: A) 1800 B) 1843 C) 1900 D) 1919

  8. Which boxer made an unlikely cameo appearance on Robbie Williams’s 2019 album The Christmas Present?

  9. See video above - In Love Actually (2003) Bill Nighy’s singer character Billy Mack performs Christmas is All Around Us. His music video which is a parody of which song? (I’m looking for the name of the video he parodies, not the song he covers!)

  10. For years, the winner of The X Factor was almost guaranteed the Christmas number one but who, in 2014, was the last singer to achieve this? Was it: A. Ben Haenow, B. Sam Bailey, C. Louis Tomlinson?

  11. True or false: Mince pies, in their original form, contained meat?

  12. Who will be reading Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Speech in 2023?

  13. How many Christmas albums has Michael Buble released?

  14. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) begins at a Christmas party. It was the final film for which director?

  15. A singer from which boyband caused a stir outside the gates of Downing Street in 2014, shouting: “You’ll be dancing to my number one single at Christmas”?

  16. A bakery in Goswell Road, Clerkenwell, is the origin of which tradition?

  17. A veteran US singer has released an album in time for the season, with a lead single called DJ Play a Christmas Song. What is the name of this singer? (Hint, Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless is named after her!)

  18. US supergroup Boygenius have released a Christmas song. Can you name any of the three indie solo artists in the trio? (Just one name will get you a point).

  19. Jorja Smith has released a cover of East 17’s Stay Another Day in 2023. But is Smith herself from A) Watford B) Walthamstow C) Walsall?

  20. Should you be really short of options for your Christmas dinner, you’ve had a disaster, or you just forgot to buy a turkey… is Deliveroo operating?

  21. In the Peep Show episode Season’s Beatings, which vegetable does Mark (David Mitchell) and his dad fall out over whether it is Christmassy or not? A) Carrot B) Cauliflower C) Parsnip

  22. Which of these London swimming facilities is open on Christmas Day? A) West Reservoir B) London Fields Lido C) Hampton Pool

  23. Elton John headlined Glastonbury this year. What is the name of his most famous Christmas song?

  24. What is the name of the family dog in The Simpsons - adopted on Christmas Eve?

  25. And finally… You will lose the game Whamageddon if you hear which song?

Slade frontman Noddy Holder... who doesn't feature in this quiz (PA Archive)
Slade frontman Noddy Holder... who doesn't feature in this quiz (PA Archive)


  1. Germany,

  2. Queen Victoria (and Albert),

  3. The World is Not Enough (1999),

  4. Australia,

  5. Donald Trump (the scene was in Trump Tower),

  6. Shane Macgowan,

  7. B. 1843

  8. Tyson Fury. The song was called Bad Sharon.

  9. Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love,

  10. A. Ben Haenow,

  11. True!

  12. It will be Stephen Fry,

  13. One! Yes, only one. But he did previously release an EP,

  14. Stanley Kubrick,

  15. East 17,

  16. Christmas crackers,

  17. Cher,

  18. Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker,

  19. Walsall,

  20. Yes!

  21. Cauliflower

  22. Hampton Pool is open, should you so fancy,

  23. Step Into Christmas,

  24. Santa’s Little Helper,

  25. Last Christmas.