25 FUNNIEST reactions to Trump being too dumb to know what 'ambidextrous' means

Former President Donald Trump is being roasted by the internet for misunderstanding what ambidextrous means
Former President Donald Trump is being roasted by the internet for misunderstanding what ambidextrous means

Someone needs to buy this guy a dictionary!

Former President Donald Trump's grasp of the English language has always been tenuous at best. But yesterday, he made a gaffe that has us — and the entire internet — laughing at his stupidity.

In an interview on Telemundo 51 on May 9, Trump called himself "ambidextrous" when he obviously had no clue what the word meant. If you can believe it, Trump's flub came while he was bragging about himself. After being asked how he is able to focus on both his campaign and his legal woes, the GOP presidential frontrunner said that he can "put it aside" before calling himself "very ambidextrous, so to speak."

"I can do a lot of things at one time," Trump explained. "And I'm willing to do and able to do things and lots of different things."

While being "ambidextrous" means that you can use both your left and right hand equally well, Trump seems to think it's the same as saying he's good at multitasking, which is also a gross exaggeration — we'd be shocked if he could walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. This also comes from the man who, during the 2016 election, said," I'm very highly educated. I know words, I know the best words. But there's no better word than stupid." Sometimes, it really feels like we're living inside an episode of Veep, but nope, this is sadly real life.

Ron Filipowski, a defense attorney and Editor-in-Chief of the liberal media news site MeidasTouch, posted a clip of the interview on X (formerly Twitter), and the internet ran to the comment section to dunk on Trump.

"He's also able to speak many different languages because he's an omnivore," one person quipped. Another person pointed to another time he was able to do two things at once, "Well he was able to screw women while being married to other women." In one of our favorite responses, someone referenced Trump's infamous typo, "Must be tough writing 'covfefe' with both hands at the same time."

At this point, roasting the MAGA leader is the only way anyone is getting to November without losing their minds, so you have to jump at every opportunity.

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