25 HILARIOUS reactions to racist Nick Fuentes blaming gay porn stream on being hacked

White supremacist Nick Fuentes blamed gay porn being streamed on his account on being hacked
White supremacist Nick Fuentes blamed gay porn being streamed on his account on being hacked

Was he hacked or just a liar?

White supremacist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes streamed gay pornography during his livestream and then claimed he was hacked, but the internet isn’t buying his excuse.

After the footage of the incident was posted on X (formerly Twitter), Fuentes wrote that a pro-Israel Telegram channel hacked him. “This is getting desperate,” he posted on X. “My proprietary livestreaming site was hacked after my stream went offline by someone claiming to be IDF Unit 8200. The hacker took credit by [watermarking] the porn and leaving messages on the back end of the site. Easily disprovable nonsense.”

The IDF Unit 8200 — which is an intelligence unit that uses cyber warfare within the Israel Defense Forces — hasn’t taken responsibility for the gay porn hacking incident, and while Fuentes still claims someone hacked him, he has said it probably wasn’t the IDF, The Jerusalem Post reports.

While Fuentes may have been hacked, the internet took the opportunity to roast him mercilessly, including gay disgraced former congressman George Santos. Santos, a known liar himself, has been calling Fuentes gay for a while, so he jumped on the opportunity to dunk on the white supremacist. “Nick Fuentes streamed gay porn last night on his show. Now the GAYPERS are claiming it was a mossad hack! For the love of god! GAYPERS JUST ACCEPT YOUR ZADDY FUENTS IS A HOMO!” Classy as always, George.

Considering the hacking claim comes from the same man who once said that white people are in a holy war against Jews who speak to demons and practice witchcraft, it makes sense that people would jump to the conclusion that he’s lying.

Ron Filipowski, a defense attorney and Editor-in-Chief of the liberal media news site MeidasTouch, took to X to post a screenshot of The Jerusalem Post article, and the internet immediately started dunking on Fuentes for being a closet case and a liar. “Fuentes streams gay porn and blames Jews — who did Nazi this coming,” one person quipped. Another commenter joked, “Was he a bottom or top hack?” Someone else gave “credit” to Santos for being “right about Fuentes,” while another person wrote, “Strangely enough the Jews were also responsible for it when [his] parents caught him watching it multiple times as a young adult. It’s ok man, be you. Enjoy all the gay porn want.”

Regardless of where the truth lies, we’ll always be excited to see Fuentes being ruthlessly made fun of by the entire internet.

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