25 HILARIOUS reactions to Republican Lauren Boebert saying something dumb...again

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is being mocked on social media for saying something dumb outside of the Trump trial
Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is being mocked on social media for saying something dumb outside of the Trump trial

Bobo is at it again!

MAGA-obsessed Representative Lauren Boebert said something dumb today — which is becoming a regular occurrence — causing the internet to mock her in the most ruthless (and hilarious) ways possible.

While speaking to the press outside of former President Donald Trump's hush-money trial, Boebert put her foot in her mouth by claiming that there are "branches" of Congress while talking about how Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, supposedly "lied" on the witness stand.

"Micheal Cohen, who has lied in front of all branches of Congress," the Colorado congresswoman said in a clip currently going viral on X (formerly Twitter). There are three "branches" of government and two "houses" of Congress — something a member of one of those houses should probably know. But who can expect that level of expertise from a MAGA congresswoman?

Boebert has spent the week with a gaggle of her fellow Republicans supporting Trump at his hush-money trial and talking to the press outside the Manhattan courthouse. Critics think she and the other Trump supporters are only there vying to be the MAGA leader's VP pick, but they also suffer from conservative brain rot, so who knows?

But this quick video clip caught social media users' attention. Now they are dragging Boebert for being a liar herself, her idiocy and lack of basic knowledge about how the government functions, her own criminal history, and the Beetlejuice incident. One person quipped on X, "In her defense, it's hard to keep track of the many, many branches of Congress." Listen, counting to two can be tricky. Other critics ran to social media to point out that it's rich to talk about Cohen being a liar and criminal when most members of her immediate family have been arrested in the past. One person posted a collage of her family's mugshots (including hers) alongside the caption, "She's a worthless Congresswoman…Grandma Boebert Crime family…" No lies detected.

"I hope she kept her hands visible while seated inside the courtroom," someone commented, alluding to Boebert getting kicked out of Beetlejuice The Musical because she was caught getting…handsy…with her date. We will literally never get tired of Boebert groping jokes — they're timeless as far as we're concerned.

These are just scratching the surface of how diabolical the internet's roasting gets, so here are 25 of the funniest social media reactions to Boebert's latest display of ignorance!