​25 HILARIOUS reactions to Trump being ROASTED by Libertarians using his own gross words

Former President Donald Trump was mocked and booed at the Libertarian National Convention
Former President Donald Trump was mocked and booed at the Libertarian National Convention

We never knew Libertarians were this hilarious!

A video clip of former President Donald Trump getting roasted at the Libertarian National Convention in Washington D.C. is currently going viral on X (formerly Twitter), and the comments are so funny they’re restoring our faith in humanity.

Over Saturday, Trump gave a speech practically begging Libertarians to vote for him and was met with boos instead. Then, on Sunday, Missouri delegate Jeff Coleman stood up and asked, “Did this body grab a former president by the p—y last night?” While Trump’s 2016 quote about taking advantage of women was disgusting, and we don’t necessarily condone it being used as a joke, it’s always hilarious to watch Trump’s own words come back to bite him in the butt.

The entire convention was a comedy of errors for Trump, who was not only repeatedly booed, but squeaky rubber chickens were handed out and used to mock the presumptive Republican nominee. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supporters brought the rubber chickens to the event with “Debate Bobby” written on them because he has been left out of the two general election debates Trump and President Joe Biden have agreed to, The Hill reports.

According to NBC News, attendees also shouted insults at Trump throughout his 34-minute speech, with someone yelling, “Lock him up!” Other people shouted, “Donald Trump is a threat to democracy!” and “You had your shot!” All accurate.

The C-SPAN clip of Coleman dunking on Trump has already racked up over 800,000 views on X, and the comment section is flooded with hilarious reactions. “Lol, yes, libertarians grabbed former president Trump by his p—y last night,” one person wrote. “They grabbed him so hard that they all had [orange fruit emoji] hands. Lol,” someone else commented, along with a GIF of a guy with his fingers covered in Cheeto dust. Another person posted a Photoshopped image of Trump at a podium with smashed tomatoes behind him, with the caption, “This is what they didn’t want to show you from last night.”

While we love that Libertarians usually support same-sex marriage, we’re not fans of their desires to dismantle social safety nets, but we are HUGE fans of their ability to make fun of Trump. We’ll be glued to C-SPAN during their next national convention if they’re going to spend so much time mocking Republicans!

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