250+ Canned Coffee Products Recalled Nationwide Due to Botulism Risk

The caffeinated drinks were sold across the country under hundreds of brand names.

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There’s a massive canned coffee recall underway that could impact your favorite bottled drink. According to a recent announcement from the Food & Drug Administration, Snapchill is voluntarily recalling all of the canned coffee products that have been manufactured by the company, within expiration date, because the Wisconsin-based brand’s current production process could lead to the growth and creation of the deadly toxin, botulinum toxin, in low acid canned foods.

The now-recalled coffee items were distributed nationwide through various coffee roasters and retail locations, as well as via direct online purchase from Snapchill. The products are sold under more than 250 different roaster and brand names, in a variety of metal can sizes ranging from 7 ounces to 12 ounces. Every recalled product, regardless of the brand, can be identified by the language “Produced and distributed by Snapchill LLC'' underneath the nutrition facts panel. Additionally, some of the products can also be identified by the text “Snapchill Coffee” on the label. 

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The specific coffee brands subject to this recall are listed below:

  • 41 & Change, Cold Coffee

  • Alchemy Roasting Elixir Of Life

  • Amavida Manos Campesinas

  • Appalachia Coffee Kentucky Black Gold

  • Baba Java Coffee Ethiopian/Honduras

  • Bent Tree Coffee Squirrel Blend, Autumn Blend, Colombia Sotara, Ethiopia

  • Big Iron Stampede Blend

  • Big Mouth Coffee Nicaragua, Nicolas and Angela

  • Big Shoulders Thermal Shock

  • BKG Coffee St

  • Black Acres Rwanda

  • Black Nerd Colombia, Dark Matter, Ethiopia, The Golden Ratio

  • Blind Guatemala

  • Bold Bean The Chocolate One, The Jam, The OG, The Sweet One

  • Bolt Coffee Delki Guarero, Mass Appeal

  • Borealis Finca La Capilla

  • Brandywine Galactic Standard, Orbital Motion

  • BRL Dark Wav

  • Broadsheet Headliner

  • Burwell Bebop Blend

  • Cafe Ammi 109 Blend

  • Cape Cod Coffee Coconut, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, JMC, Peanut Butter Cup, Rainforest, Scandi

  • Carrier Bright, Nitro, Sweet

  • Cerberus Coffee Wizard Cat

  • Coffee Hound Maine, Maine Caramel, Maple, Maple Latte, Maple Leaf Latte, Nitro, Maple Syrup Latte

  • Coffee N Clothes Black, Gold

  • Coffee Project NY Grape Soda, Summer Friday, Woke Up in NY

  • Color Coffee Sierra Morena Pink Bourbon, Neptune

  • Connect Coffee Black Coffee

  • Copper Horse Carriage House Blend, Seahorse Blend

  • Coterie Coffee Billy Lane, Cannibal Corpse, Blood Brothers, Laughing Monkey Machine, Choppers, Brazil

  • Crankshaft Coffee Cold Start

  • Cup to Cup Inga Aponte

  • Dave’s Coffee Falcon Blend

  • Dayglow Decadent, Juicy

  • Daysol Coffee Wanderlust

  • Dead Sled Colombia, Banana Peanut Butter

  • Doughnut Plant Mexico Black

  • Downeast Coffee Ocean State Blend

  • Dreamy Hint of Chocolate, Colombia Tolima

  • Driply Arctic Brew (White Label Coffee from Stack St. Coffee Roasters), New Morning Coffee Blend

  • East End Heatwave

  • Eclipse Coffee Roasters Elevate

  • Electro Brew Coffee Co. Vanilla, Caramel

  • Element Coffee Peru

  • Emergency Medical Coffee Sweet Cream

  • Enderly Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins, Mattie’s Diner, Rhino Market

  • Euphoria Coffee Black, Sweetened

  • Farmhouse Dar #33, Vienna Roast El Cafe, Vienna Roast Decaf, Medium Roast Colombia

  • Fazenda Mexico Nitro

  • Fika North Shore Blend

  • Fire Grounds Guts Over Fear, American Tradition, Full Send, Mo Mocha, Nitro, Vanilla Nitro

  • First Crack C/O Sound Coffee Big Funky Super Natural

  • Five & Hoek Honduras, Biru Bekele, Luis Guzman, Ethiopia Yirg

  • Five Star Roasters Nitro

  • Flight Pluto

  • Gay Awakening Coffee Drag Bean

  • George Howell Daterra Sundrop, Chelbessa, Monte Carlos, Worka Chelbessa

  • Gigawatt Cold Fusion, Costa Rican, Ethiopia, Live Wire, Costa Rican Dota Tarrazu

  • Goldberry Roasting Company Goldberry’s Blend

  • Gooseneck Coffee Co. Black Iced Coffee

  • Gryphon Coffee Nite Owl

  • Heady Cup Monkshood

  • Heart Coffee Ethiopian

  • Heine Bros Black Coffee, Coconut Latte, Toasted Coconut

  • Helm Black Coffee, Black Nitro, Maple Nitro Latte

  • Honest Coffee Early Riser

  • Hustle N’ Grind Cafecito

  • Intelligentsia Black Cans, Chicago Distance Series

  • Joe Bean Nitro

  • Kahawa 1893 Kenyan Black, Tanzania Peaberry Black, Safari Blend

  • Kaldi’s Classic Black

  • Knowledge Perk KP Coffee, App State, Dirt World, Charlotte FC, Summer Shandy, VESL, Winthrop

  • Kribi Coffee Chilled Coffee

  • Kuva Coffee Fresh Dresch

  • La Cosecha Papua New Guinea

  • Lanna Coffee Original

  • Larry’s Coffee Black, Decaf, Ethiopia, Mocha, Sweet

  • Little Wolf Andres Cardona, Companion Blend, Jesus Oscco

  • Ludwig Morning Hunt, Macchiato

  • Mad Priest Fallen Angel with Vanilla

  • Madcap Coffee Flash

  • Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters Hartford Blend

  • Medici Clarksville

  • Metric Garmas Gesha Single Origin, deri Kadame Natural, Benjamin Paz

  • Mighty Good Coffee Co. Apex

  • Mocha Joe Cameroon

  • Molon Labe Soprano, Death by Chocolate, Creme Brulee

  • Mudd LLC Maple Black, Black

  • Neighbor Coffee Bourbon Barrel Aged

  • New Hampshire Coffee Roasters Italian, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Coconut

  • New Harvest Wolf Can

  • Northern Coffeeworks Tanzania Peaberry

  • OFFSET Coffee Colombia

  • Opus Coffee Snapchill Coffee

  • Others Coffee Lil Bud, Get Right

  • Oye Coffee Cold Gold

  • Paper Plane Coffee Co. Snapchill Coffee

  • Peaks Coffee Co. Brazil

  • Perkatory Solstice, New England Snapchill, Three Witches Brew

  • Perla Black

  • Pettibone Colombia Washed, Honduras San Francisco

  • Pink Elephant Nomadic, Roam

  • Play Coffee Buku Hambela Natural, La Cabra

  • Quartertone Coffee Black Honey, Yurgacheffe

  • QUIVR Golden Black, Hibiscus, Jade Oolong, Jasmine, Jasmine Green

  • Rabble & Lion Papau New Guinea

  • Radial Coffee Cosa Nueva

  • Ragged Colombia, Early Riser

  • Rarebird PX

  • Red Rooster Ethiopia Worka, Funky Chicken, Worka Sakaro

  • Retrograde Coffee Synastry

  • Rock City Dark Star

  • Rockford Coffee Morning Glory, Narino Arbuleda

  • Rusty Dog Ambition, Canvas Black Label, Woke

  • Sacred Grounds Awakening, Chocolate Bomb

  • Saltwater Colombia, Ethiopia

  • Seaworthy Coffee Boathouse Blend

  • Sepia Coffee Grand Trunk, Northstar Lodge

  • Shirazi Dist. Little Wolf Cafe Au Lait

  • Slacktide Mid Tide, Moon Tide

  • Sleeping Giant Coffee Roasters Guatemala

  • Slow Bloom Coffee Bekelle Uttutie

  • Snowy Owl Jaws

  • Southeastern Roastery

  • Spot Coffee House Signature Roast Medium Blend

  • Springline Dark and Bright

  • Square One Coffee Cold Coffee, Berry Mint Tea

  • Stack St. Cafe Frio, Driply Coffee

  • Summit Coffee Black

  • Su Coffee Snapchill Iced CoffeeThe Boy & The Bear El Retorno, Women of Timana, El Puente

  • The Well Coffeehouse Tico Blend

  • Three Tree Coffee Roasters Kenya, Honduras

  • Tinker Ethiopia Gargari

  • Tipico Coordinates Blend

  • Touchy Coffee Guat Lazara

  • Traction Classic, Stable Blend

  • True Love Coffee Co. Ethiopia Nensebo

  • Underwood Little Arrow, Mexico Dos Rios

  • Upshot Chimera, Indonesia, Folklore, Ethiopia

  • Verb Makes You Move

  • Victoria Coffee Honduras

  • Vivid Green, Maple Oat, Nahun Fernandez Honey, Sugar Shack

  • Waypost Bourbon Barrel Finished Coffee

  • White Bison Black

  • White Rhino Black, Sebastian

  • Wild Goose Coffee Blue River Blend, Red Line Draft Latte

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For a complete list of the recalled products, click here.

The issue that led to the recall of the above canned coffee products was identified when the FDA notified Snapchill that their process for manufacturing said items was not filed with FDA, as is required by regulation. 

While no illnesses have been reported to-date, and Snapchill is not aware of any instances in which the company’s products contained botulin toxin, consumers should either destroy the recalled products or return them to Snapchill or the place of purchase for a refund. Snapchill will offer full refunds for any of the recalled products, so long as you have the appropriate proof of purchase, as well as a picture of the item(s), which you can email to Compliance@Snapchill.com.

Per the FDA, botulism is a potentially fatal form of food poisoning that can cause general weakness, dizziness, double-vision, and trouble with speaking or swallowing. Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, weakness of other muscles, abdominal distension, and constipation. Symptoms of botulism can begin from six hours to two weeks after eating food that contains botulinum toxin. People experiencing these problems should seek immediate medical attention.

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Consumers with questions about this recall may contact Snapchill at Compliance@snapchill.com, or call the company Monday through Friday at (920) 632-6018 between 8:00 am and 4:00 p.m. Central Time.

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