250 W closed in May for training

Apr. 24—GREENSBURG — The Decatur County Commissioners have approved a temporary closure of CR 250 W between Base Road and 240 NW from May 30 to June 10 for emergency vehicle operation training.

Decatur County Sheriff Bill Meyerrose made the request to close the road, explaining that EVO training is state mandated and using the local thoroughfare (as opposed to traveling to the Plainfield Academy) saves the county approximately $6,000 in road time and materials.

The sheriff said the layout of the road made it perfect for scenario-based training, also mandated by the state.

"There are no big ditches on each side, so if we do have an accident we won't cause any serious damage to our vehicles," Meyerrose said.

The training will run 24/7 to make use of night-training opportunities as well.

Meyerrose said the closure would also allow town marshals from Westport, New Point and Letts and area EMT to undergo training as well.

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