3.5 magnitude earthquake shakes San Francisco area

3.5 magnitude earthquake shakes San Francisco area

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck Pacifica, California, on Tuesday morning followed by two smaller quakes, according to the United States Geographraphical Survey (USGS).

At around 6.01am PST, the quake occurred approximately one kilometer (0.5 miles) from Pacifica, waking up some residents.

Then at 6.03am and 6.04am, two other 2.6-magnitude aftershocks shook surrounding areas.

Nearby areas that may have felt the quake include San Bruno, Colma, Daly City, and San Francisco. According to the Los Angeles Times, the quake was strong enough to be felt at the San Francisco Airport.

On Twitter, people shared that they felt the jolt early Tuesday morning.

“Did ya’ll feel the earthquake in the Bay Area? I’m pretty sure it was Mother Nature’s fault,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Whoa 3.5 earthquake shook me out of bed at 6 AM Epicenter a mile from my house around Valemar area Pacifica California,” Jim tweeted.

“Yep, I felt it! It woke me up earlier than expected. A lil alarm clock action! Good morning, ya’ll! We’re fine,” another person tweeted.

“Earthquake in [San Francisco] Bay Area just now. Decent jolt, but lasted only a few seconds,” Greg told followers on Twitter.

There have been no reports of injuries or damages at this time.

While a 3.5-magnitude earthquake can be felt, it is considered “minor.”

According to the USGS, earthquake damage does not “usually” occur until the magnitude reaches “somewhere above 4 or 5” however, variables like distance from the earthquake, type of soil, and construction can factor into the amount of damage.

San Francisco and much of the Bay Area are located on, or near, several faults, including the San Andreas and Hayward fault, making the area susceptible to earthquakes.

The USGS has guidelines for people to follow if they find themselves in an earthquake. In most situations, the four-word safety technique “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” is used to help people protect themselves.