3 tips for making the perfect burger at home, according to the top butcher expert in America

  • Butcher expert Pat LaFrieda told Business Insider how to make the perfect burger at home.

  • LaFrieda never adds lettuce to his burger, and he loves using halved grape tomatoes for flavor.

  • He prefers brioche buns and only adds a small dollop of mayonnaise for the sauce.

Pat LaFrieda is behind some of the most famous burgers in the world. But when he's whipping up burgers at home, he likes to keep things simple.

Business Insider sat down with LaFrieda to talk about everything from how to buy the best meat to why he only uses American cheese on burgers. And the butcher expert was happy to share his top tips for making the perfect burger.

Pat LaFrieda always makes his burgers medium rare

The perfect burger requires getting both the meat and temperature right. LaFrieda told BI you should always ask for domestic product, and he recommends buying grass-fed, grain-finished meat.

"There's nothing better," LaFrieda said. "It's a lot sweeter, and now it looks like it winds up to be better for the environment than just corn."

LaFrieda also believes six to eight ounces is the perfect size for a homemade burger.

"Personally, I like a six-ounce burger if I'm cooking at home — especially on the grill — because I know I'll finish it, and maybe even have half of another," he said. "It's thick enough where I can still cook it the way I like it, which is medium rare."

Pat LaFrieda
LaFrieda told BI he always makes his burger medium rare.Pat LaFrieda

LaFrieda keeps his toppings and sauce simple — and he always skips the lettuce

LaFrieda usually pairs his meat with just a small dollop of mayonnaise and some halved grape tomatoes.

"There's nothing worse than a big tomato that's almost like a watermelon and has no flavor in it," he said. "Whereas tiny grape tomatoes, all you do is cut them in half, and that's where you get bursts of flavor."

LaFrieda said he prefers to have a Caesar salad on the side instead of adding lettuce to his burger, and he usually skips onions because they can "overpower the flavor" and "linger around well after."

And when it comes to the buns, LaFrieda always loves brioche

LaFrieda said the bun is often overlooked, but it's crucial to a perfect burger.

"It's the first thing you're touching, it's the first thing you're tasting," he continued. "It can't overpower the burger, it can't be too bready."

Brioche buns are LaFrieda's favorite, and he recommends slightly warming them to "bring magic to a burger."

He's also a fan of King's Hawaiian buns, which he said are great when "you want something a little bit different."

LaFrieda doesn't have any special tricks or tips to make the perfect burger, but he says that's the whole point.

"It sounds simple, and it is simple, but it's overlooked," he added. "Really, that's the best burger you can get right there."

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