30 Bluey baby names: Would you name your little one Calypso, Honey or Coco?

 Bluey and her family.
Bluey and her family.

These Bluey baby names for boys and girls are unusual choices, but could be perfect for fans of the children's cartoon.

Since first airing in 2018, kid's cartoon Bluey has become a worldwide phenomenon. But the popular show isn't just for kids - one of the reasons why Bluey is so popular is its appeal to parents too - and this has only become more evident following the recent season three finale, which had mums and dads everywhere panicking that Bluey is ending for good (but don't worry, the creators have confirmed there's more to come).

But outside of the Heelers' impressive parenting example, have you considered looking to the family and their friends for baby name inspiration? The show's characters certainly make for some unusual baby name choices, but it's not uncommon for parents to name their children after popular TV shows and movies. Here are 25 Bluey baby names for parents to be...

25 Bluey baby names

  1. Bluey – A Blue Heeler puppy and the titular character

  2. Bingo – Bluey’s younger sister

  3. Bentley – A schoolfriend of Bingo

  4. Bandit – Bluey and Bingo’s father

  5. Brandy – Bluey and Bingo's maternal aunt

  6. Buddy – Another one of Bingo’s school friends

  7. Calypso – Bluey’s school teacher

  8. Chilli – Bluey and Bingo’s mum

  9. Chucky – The Heeler's next-door neighbour

  10. Coco – A family friend and cute pink poodle

  11. Doreen – A friendly neighbour

  12. Dougie – Bingo's friend who uses sign language

  13. Frisky – Chilli’s best friend

  14. Honey – Bingo’s friend from school

  15. Indy – Another friend of Bluey and Bingo

  16. Jack – A Jack Russell terrier who is new in Bluey's class

  17. Janelle – Chucky and Lucky’s mum

  18. Jean-Luc – A labrador friend Bluey makes while on holiday

  19. Judo – Another next-door neighbour

  20. Lila – Bingo's friend

  21. Lucky – Chucky’s older brother

  22. Mackenzie – Bluey's close friend

  23. Missy – Another school friend of Bingo’s

  24. Muffin – Bluey and Bingo’s cousin

  25. Rocko – Bandit's best friend

  26. Rusty – A friend of Bluey and Bingo

  27. Stripe – Bluey and Bingo’s paternal uncle

  28. Trixie – Bluey and Bingo’s paternal aunt

  29. Wendy – A next-door neighbour to the Heelers

  30. Winton – Bluey's friend from school

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