30 'rubberneckers' who filmed tragic A1(M) fatal crash facing police action

Long delays following the crash yesterday
Long delays following the crash yesterday -Credit:MotorwayCameras.co.uk

The police say they will take action against 'rubberneckers' after multiple people stopped and filmed the scene of a fatal crash on the A1(M).

Yesterday, officers from North Yorkshire Police attended the serious crash at 2.12am on the southbound carriageway of the A1(M). The southbound carriageway remained closed for 14 hours as police dealt with the crash. Tragically, a 31-year-old lorry driver lost his life after crashing into a bridge.

Now, the police have said there were "several incidents" in which drivers went past the tragedy, using their mobile phones to film the crash scene. This is commonly known as 'rubbernecking'.

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As a result, the force have said they plan to take action against those responsible and have issued a reminder that using a mobile phone while driving is illegal, including when you use it to film footage.

They have taken the registration numbers of around 30 vehicles and will follow up with action. This will be in the form of points on driver's licences and a fine, but could end up in court.

The police said: "Our officers at the scene wish to remind motorists that it is illegal to use their mobile phone while driving - including to film footage.

"It follows several incidents today where we have witnessed motorists driving past and filming the scene.

"We have taken registration details of approximately 30 vehicles, and we will follow up with action against the drivers - this will ultimately be points and a fine, but they may end up in court."

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Many people responded to the announcement on social media, with the majority approving of the police's actions. Sarah said: "As humans we often do look at accidents. However to take it a step further, slow down and film it is disgusting.

"Once I notice an accident I feel so sick and can't imagine then filming it. Take these drivers licenses away from them."

Jane added: "Some people have to be nosey, think its awful that they feel the need to do this, more now knowing it was a fatality. Give them a massive fine. My thoughts go out to the drivers family and friends."

Paul wrote: "That is shocking, so disrespectful. I drove past this as it happened on the other side of the motorway. Respect to all involved and thoughts and prayers to family and friends".