'I make £30k a month and have a footballer boyfriend - but I'm still a B&M bargain queen from Yorkshire'

An ex Playboy model and actress from Yorkshire says B&M is her 'second home', despite making a fortune on OnlyFans.

Chrissie Wunna, who grew up in Doncaster, cashes in around £30,000 every month on the adult content site - and recently unveiled her relationship with pro footballer Cameron Coxe. But the Naked Attraction star refuses to splash out on expensive designer bags or jewellery, and prefers a day out shopping for bargains.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, the 43-year-old brands herself as a 'bargain Queen' and explains why she's not bothered about flashy gifts, even though she can afford them.

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"B&M is like my second home, you literally have to wheelbarrow me out the place with my hands tied behind my back because I'm that addicted to shopping there," she said.

"It's not just there, I'm the Queen of finding a bargain, I'll go on a hunt before I pay top dollar."

In fact, Wunna thinks it's a 'waste of money' to shop at 'exclusive, overpriced' places that don't actually provide better value. "I think people do it because it makes them feel special or better and to me you can never feel special over a material object just because you think it gives you clout," she added.

The saucy model says her relationship with Coxe hasn't changed her frugal lifestyle. "It's not lavish or fake bouji, it's real and chilled," she explains. The couple can often be found chilling in their comfies, binge-watching TV while ordering a takeaway, rather than spending a fortune at overpriced cocktail bars and fancy restaurants.

She did reportedly buy her new beau a Gucci bracelet as a thank you gift - but thinks 'thoughtful' gifts are fine in moderation. You can follow Chrissie Wunna on Instagram or visit her website here.

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