35 Horrifying Photos That Made Me Go "New Fear Unlocked"

1.Between this and the Boeing stuff, I think I'm done with air travel.

View from an airplane window with a crack in the ice on the glass
u/Left-Cap-6046 / Via reddit.com

2.I think I'll take the stairs next time I'm in literally any building.

Surveillance footage showing a man stumbling into a moving elevator. Text overlays in Korean
Jelegend / Via reddit.com

3.A snake coming up from the pipes to bite my butt was a real fear I had as a child, so this is less "new fear unlocked" and more "hello darkness, my old friend."

Toilet bowl with a snake inside, needs unclogging
u/VariousBasket125 / Via reddit.com

4.I don't know what this is, and I don't want to know what it is. I just know that I'll avoid opening my own car door in the future.

A car with an unexpected spider nestled inside the door handle and under the trunk lid
u/KegOfAppleJuice / Via reddit.com

5.You will never see me eating a tomato again. Mark my words.

GIF of a bug coming out of someone's tomato
u/GesaSaint / Via reddit.com

6.What in the Final Destination...

Car on highway with large wooden board crashed through its windshield; emergency vehicles in the background

Note: This driver was okay!

u/LeePangHee / Via reddit.com

7.I hate that this happens. I am never going to sit in the passenger seat again.

Damaged blue car with a wooden plank through the windshield, parked on grass beside a road
u/DTMRDT / Via reddit.com

8.Sorry, one more, because I am shocked that these people survived.

A wooden beam impales a car's windshield and front seat, with debris on the dashboard
u/MardiGrasMamboBitch / Via reddit.com

9.You will NEVER catch me putting on my headphones before thoroughly checking them again. I hope this person got a rabies shot.

Headset on a desk with a bat peeking out from the ear cushion
u/soulhacler / Via reddit.com

10.I will also be checking my shoes from now on.

Close-up of a spider inside a shoe
u/Norwegian_grit / Via reddit.com

11.I have always wanted to take up skateboarding...until now.

Person with skateboard at indoor skatepark, ramp in background, focus on knee pad
u/wilpoptires / Via reddit.com

12.Y'know what, no thanks. I'm good on working with heavy machinery.

Discarded blue clothing on a bench with metal rods and debris
u/Standard_Story / Via reddit.com

13.Now I gotta worry about snakes on the subway???

Snake slithers out from under subway seat, then moves onto the train floor
u/habichuelacondulce / Via reddit.com


A snake is sitting on the dashboard of a car, close to the steering wheel and hazard button
u/D0NW0N / Via reddit.com

15.Imagine being THIS CLOSE to a lightning strike.

GIF of a person standing close to a lightning strike

Note: This person was also okay; they just had a few scratches!

u/edugabao / Via reddit.com

16.Yet another reason to do away with straws entirely!!!

a spider in a straw
u/tallspartan117 / Via reddit.com

17.This is making me wish I could pee standing up.

a scorpion in a toilet bowl
u/TwistedAlterEgo / Via reddit.com

18.To this, I say, "See you later, alligator!" and "I am never stepping foot in Louisiana."

A close-up view of a culvert grate with an object partially visible, indicated by an arrow, suggesting movement inside
u/Livin2bdad / Via reddit.com

19.This kind of freak accident may be one in a million, but I'm still going to be afraid of it happening for the rest of my life.

a circular blade moving fast across a parking lot
u/Majorpain2006 / Via reddit.com

Here's what that giant spinning thing was, if you're curious.

Large circular saw blade leaning against vending machine outdoors
u/Majorpain2006 / Via reddit.com

20.I've never even considered being afraid of this happening, but now I will!

a grenade attached to someone's car
u/mike_pants / Via reddit.com

21.As if the prospect of motherhood wasn't terrifying enough, now I have to worry about amputating my future baby's toes with my hair???

Close-up of a baby's foot held gently, hospital band visible on the wrist
u/BTS645 / Via reddit.com

22.I know we don't get tornados in New York, but hey, after that earthquake, anything could happen.

Video of a tornado striking a house
u/VariousBasket125 / Via reddit.com

23.And did you know "snow-nados" are a thing?

a snow-nado
u/regian24 / Via reddit.com

24.What about fire whirls, or "fire-nados"?

Firefighters and fire engines at night with a large wildfire visible in the background
u/mattythedog / Via reddit.com

25.Here's another terrifying gif.

A fiery tornado seen from a water body with text overlay "Fire tornado"
u/zooweemamba / Via reddit.com

26.Great, even stopping into 7-Eleven can end in disaster.

A car has crashed into a convenience store, with debris scattered and a person inside assessing the damage
u/ashmp / Via reddit.com

27.Work isn't safe, either.

Vehicle crashed into indoor space, debris around, damaged wall and ceiling, unidentifiable location
u/LakesideHerbology / Via reddit.com

28.This lil' guy almost crawled into someone's EAR, and I can feel it crawling around in my ear while just thinking about it.

A scorpion perches on the end of a cotton swab against a blurry background
u/KimberSliceAZDD / Via reddit.com

29.So spiders can walk on water now??? And we're all just cool with that?

a spider walking on water
MiscreantSquirrel / Via reddit.com

30.This person almost walked into this tree while on their phone, and I will be a LOT more careful while texting and walking now.

Tree trunk covered in small, clustered growths and bees with green leaves hanging from branches
u/666__ / Via reddit.com

31.BRB, I need to go puke.

a protein bar covered in bugs
u/feelin_raudi / Via reddit.com

32.I will never attempt to change my own light bulb again!

A container with a variety of dead insects at the bottom
u/24Preludes / Via reddit.com

33.I hate to be the one to tell you this, but...volcanic lightning is a thing. I'm already terrified of volcanoes, but now I can add "getting struck by volcanic lightning while fleeing a volcanic eruption" on to my List of Fears.™

Volcanic lightning
u/Abhilash_Tayade / Via reddit.com

34.I used to love seafood...but not anymore.

Assorted small arachnids and shellfish remains scattered on a plate
u/dennis_k_g / Via reddit.com

35.And finally, I am sad to announce that I no longer think horses are cute. If I woke up to this, I would pee my pants.

Horse peering through a screen, text says, "Was camping and woke up to this horse watching me sleep."
u/ubal0xh / Via reddit.com