34 things you'll only understand if you're from Croydon

The A212 road is the main arterial throughfare for Croydon to connect with central London
-Credit: (Image: Charles Bowman)

Croydon is pretty unique place in London with its list of famous faces that grew up on its streets to the tram network which is not a common sight in other parts of the capital.

Wherever you are from there are always lots of little things unique to your hometown that everyone there will have noticed. Most visitors will be oblivious to them. But we've spotted the things that will only really make sense to Croydon locals.

So, let's not mess around any longer - here are 35 things you'll only understand if you are from Croydon.

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The tram network is wonderful but getting a train from one end of it to the other would take a lifetime -Credit:Transport for London
The tram network is wonderful but getting a train from one end of it to the other would take a lifetime -Credit:Transport for London

1: Everyone under the age of 30 knows someone who knows someone who knows Stormzy

2: Watching World Cup matches at Boxpark was better than being at the games themselves

3: You've always wondered where North Norwood and East Norwood are

4: Late night trains back from London that aren't meant to stop at Selhurst always stop at Selhurst

5: There's always a new skyscraper being built

6: We've got the best street art in the world

7: It feels like our Westfield will never get built

8: The Ikea chimneys are weirdly beautiful

9: You miss Beano's, Tiger Tiger and the Black Sheep Bar

David Lashmar pictured outside Beano's
Those happy days spent rummaging through records at Beano's -Credit:Danny Fitzpatrick

10: Meridian High School will always be Addington High

11: And The Quest Academy will always be Selsdon High

12: We've got a lot of Harris Academies

13: The view of London from Crystal Palace is simply magical

14: Driving to the likes of Brixton, Dulwich or Catford can take hours despite them supposedly only being a few miles away

15: You have no idea what goes on down on the Webb Estate but wish you had a house there

16: An older member of your family once met Ronnie Corbett

17: We always seem to have someone on The X Factor. Whatever did happen to Ben Haenow?

18: We cannot agree on whether there's such a thing as a Croydon accent

19: And we really can't agree if Croydon is in London or Surrey

20: CR7 means Thornton Heath, not Cristiano Ronaldo

21: There's no pond at Thornton Heath Pond

22: And New Addington doesn't look particularly new

23: While Old Coulsdon doesn't look that old

24: We all went on a school trip to either Chislehurst Caves or the Natural History Museum

25: McDermott's does the best fish and chips you've ever had

26: Summer evenings in the garden of The Dog and Bull or The Oval Tavern are pure bliss

27: Most of the south of the borough is golf courses

28: You've heard Greg Rusedski, Michael Buble and Francis Rossi from Status Quo live here but you've never actually seen them

29: You secretly dislike Sutton a little bit just because it isn't Croydon

30: You miss Surrey county cricket matches being played at the Whitgift School

31: You had so many nights that started at The Skylark where you'd never actually make it into the town centre

32: You know Broad Green exists but you're not really sure where it starts and where it ends

33: Having to explain Crystal Palace's Selhurst Park is in neither Crystal Palace or Selhurst

34: Thornton Heath can simply be called The Heath and New Addington just Addo

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