I Actually Think I Lost Brain Cells After Seeing These Ridiculously Idiotic Things People Posted On The Internet This Month

I Actually Think I Lost Brain Cells After Seeing These Ridiculously Idiotic Things People Posted On The Internet This Month

1.Uh...does this person think people only use military time during a war?

Tweet expressing annoyance at people using military time during a trip to Berlin, emphasizing that the war is over
u/sanandrios / Via reddit.com

2.Relatedly, this person had a "light bulb" moment about military time they needed to share.

Text from an individual learning about European time, humorously realizing how to convert military time to standard by subtracting 2 and erasing the 1
u/Sereaning / Via reddit.com

3.This person tried to make a point and disastrously failed.

Text: Critical view on middle-aged men wearing Nirvana t-shirts to blend with younger generations, questioning their unique style
u/SOYBOYPILLED / Via reddit.com

4.This person was just really, really wrong about the sun.

Image contains a text post discussing how the Sun was once perceived as orange and argues that it has been replaced with a different sun
u/SuitableJelly5149 / Via reddit.com

5.This person didn't realize the word "entrepreneur" literally came from the French language.

Two social media comments joking about the French word for entrepreneur, with one person not realizing it's originally French
u/slimaneslilane02 / Via reddit.com

6.This person seemed to think the UK was another planet.

Reddit post asking about refrigerator placement in UK kitchens, with various user comments engaging in the discussion
u/beans2866 / Via reddit.com

7.This person was confused about the English.

Text: Complaint about British people identifying as English, with hashtag yellowteeth. Shows a misunderstanding of nationality and language
u/Go-AwayThr0wAw4yy / Via reddit.com

8.This person was microwaving cat food cans.

Social media post questioning the safety of warming canned cat food in the microwave due to sparking incidents. Concerned pet owner seeks advice
u/cingersjint / Via reddit.com

9.And this person thought you could put silverware in the microwave.

The image shows a screenshot of a humorous social media comment thread discussing the quality and cost of a fork
u/BrockObammer / Via reddit.com

10.This post was just a train wreck.

Screenshot of a social media post with three comments discussing grammar nuances in a humorous manner

11.And this whole post is just a mess all around.

The image shows a social media post where a user seeks advice on treating a leg wound, followed by various comments suggesting remedies
u/NeverEndingWalker64 / Via reddit.com

12.This person asked a very dumb question.

Reddit post asking if Australians have trouble understanding Americans, with a personal anecdote shared
u/damnumalone / Via reddit.com

13.As did this person.

Text questioning the necessity of glasses for eclipse viewing, with a skeptical tone towards news
u/Professional-Bet4106 / Via reddit.com

14.And this person made a really, really idiotic decision.

A social media post expressing intent to watch the lunar eclipse on April 8 despite mainstream media advice, with hashtags about personal empowerment and faith
u/darthabler / Via reddit.com

15.This person claimed there's a "Black Sun."

Text summary: Post incorrectly claims an eclipse is the 'Black Sun' passing in front of our sun, not the moon
u/WrestlingWoman / Via reddit.com

16.This person thought that 30% of the world celebrates Thanksgiving.

Comment section from a social media post discussing holidays with some comments redacted
u/Swanky-Badger / Via reddit.com

17.This person had never seen a bay leaf before.

Image with two online reviews praising a restaurant, focusing on the brisket and bay leaves' inclusion in the food
u/kreitspwnz / Via reddit.com

18.This person forgot about COVID.

A tweet contrasting gas prices with photos of a gas station sign showing lower prices in 2020 compared to higher prices in 2022
u/Lord_Answer_me_Why / Via reddit.com

19.This person needed to relearn PEMDAS.

Tweet criticizing a misunderstanding of basic math, questioning a calculator's correctness with a flawed addition and multiplication example
u/Lord_Answer_me_Why / Via reddit.com

20.This person seemed to think the US once invaded Europe.

Tweet by christoph mocking Americans' use of Fahrenheit, hinting at invading Europe as a consequence
u/BuffaloExotic / Via reddit.com

21.This person suggested that the government controls the weather.

Social media post questioning recent weather patterns, with a link to the Met Office dismissing government weather control theories
u/whatacunt8 / Via reddit.com

22.This person forgot that male cows are called bulls, and you can obviously only get milk from a female cow anyway.

A person pointing out that cow names were predominantly female
u/NinjaTheRhinos / Via reddit.com

23.This person was really confused about the term "y'all."

Screenshot of a social media comment thread discussing the Spanish form of 'you all,' with mixed reactions from users

24.This person decided to share their foolish conspiracy theory.

Three screen captures show mistranslations between English and Latin through an app, resulting in nonsensical phrases
u/theresnoanswer / Via reddit.com

25.And this person also thought there was something *off* going on.

Facebook post with a confused question about the sun setting in the east and rising in the west, and multiple suns
u/EtienneIsaFuckwidget / Via reddit.com

26.This person thought blood was blue.

Screenshot of a social media debate where a user claims blood is blue inside the body, countered by others correcting it's always red due to oxygen
u/bananapotatoboii / Via reddit.com

27.These people tried to blame the COVID vaccine for O.J. Simpson's cancer.

Three social media comments discussing the vaccination status of a referenced individual, with various levels of anonymity
u/Kneedeep_in_Cyanide / Via reddit.com

28.This person claimed vaccines cause...(checks notes) marriage?

A screenshot of social media posts where users discuss their concerns about receiving blood from vaccinated individuals
u/FalconLynx13 / Via reddit.com

29.I'm gonna assume the first person was trolling, but this second person seemed to think the things you eat and drink go into your lungs.

Social media screenshot: Top text is a humorous question about eating water to avoid drowning; response explains the danger of water in lungs
u/SmoothieRedditor / Via reddit.com

30.This person claimed the US is "bigger than every European country combined."

Summarized text: A person compares the size of their country to European countries, noting long driving hours
u/raggarganget / Via reddit.com

31.This person had some trouble with spelling.

The image shows a screenshot of an online conversation with emojis and text correcting a user's spelling mistake
u/JP_Ultra / Via reddit.com

32.And this person was a little confused about the spelling of the word "aioli."

The image shows a screen capture of a humorous text exchange about mayonnaise and aioli
u/bacchusku2 / Via reddit.com

33.This person got confused about the word "defamation" — but somehow managed to spell expeditiously right.

Text overlay reads: "I'm nobody's ex. I will sue ya for deformation of character. EXPEDITIOUSLY"
u/bluejay_612 / Via reddit.com

34.This person had clearly never opened a history book.

Meme implying feminists would revert to traditional roles if WWIII begins, showing vintage-style drawings of women doing chores
u/Pow67 / Via reddit.com

35.And this person needs to go back to sex ed class.

Text in a screenshot expressing confusion over the term "vulva," with comments explaining its meaning and questioning the knowledge of the original poster
u/bumjiggy / Via reddit.com

36.This person said they had "zero mRNA" in their system.

The image contains a text excerpt sharing a personal medical story about not receiving a vaccine and an interaction with a doctor

37.And finally, this person thought their grandparents were King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Oil painting of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in formal attire; he wears military uniform and she, a dress with a shawl
u/Grim_Skunk666 / Via reddit.com