37 vintage pictures of London in the snow

Gareth Richman, Laura Hampson

One of the biggest luxuries of being a Northern Hemisphere resident is the possibility of having proper snow.

There's something about a blanket of snow that just makes winter feel extra special.

In December, city workers rushed to their office windows to document London's first snowfall of the season and once again the capital is fizzing with excitement as another flurry falls today.

Although miniscule and (probably going to be) over before you could put a filter on it, the white flakes are visible across the city.

So what better time to remember the good old days - and perhaps acknowledge the effect of global warming - than to flick through the above gallery with vintage snapshots of London in the snow.

Spanning three decades, from the Thirties to the Sixties, these images are a glimpse into a London of yesteryear. With the earliest photo from 1931 showing a snowball fight in Trafalgar Square and one from 1962 depicting a car towing a man on skis along the road.

From Hampstead Heath to Finsbury Park, Brixton and Hyde Park, these photos will make you want to build a snowman. Pronto.