42 People Going Through Life Being Absolutely Ridiculous

42 People Going Through Life Being Absolutely Ridiculous

Most people are utterly normal, by-the-book, and maybe even a little forgettable. And you know what? That's a good thing! Because we only have so much room on earth for those who go through life being absolutely ridiculous.

A person in a sleeveless top is making a funny face by crossing their eyes and smiling. The background is plain. The person is not identified

If there's one thing those ridiculous folks have going for them, though, it's that they can make us laugh. Want to see what I mean? Check these out:

1.First, there's the guy who was tired of his wife re-gifting bottles from his wine collection, so he did this to them to stop her:

Three bottles of wine with detailed labels and penises drawn on them
u/FannyFielding / Via reddit.com

2.The 9-year-old who — I'm guessing — was confused about how hygiene worked:

A stick of Old Spice Swagger deodorant with a bite mark. Shower products are visible on a bath shelf in the background
u/ibrihop / Via reddit.com

3.And the person who drew these cards in a game of Cards Against Humanity and didn't understand why everyone else didn't find it as hilarious as they did:

Two Cards Against Humanity cards: one white card reads "An Oedipus complex." and one black card reads "kid-tested, mother-approved."
u/CockknockerShotFirst / Via reddit.com

4.The tidy person who — for reasons known only to themselves — vacuums their lawn at night:

A person is sweeping leaves off the sidewalk at night in a suburban area. Cars with headlights on and one with flashing lights are visible in the background
u/yftdddtf / Via reddit.com

5.The guy who wears a full-face respirator while mowing the lawn...and this T-shirt to let any confused neighbors know why:

Person mowing the lawn wearing a wide-brimmed hat, a mask, and a shirt that reads "I Have Allergies." Outdoor scene with greenery in the background
u/Janitorpant / Via reddit.com

6.And the dude who — after his buddy drew a giant penis on his back — went to sleep and woke to sheets like this (to be fair, both of these guys are absolutely ridiculous):

Unmade bed with pillows, sheet has a blue ink drawing of a bike
u/69moke69 / Via reddit.com

7.The person with connected toes who made the most of it with this tattoo:

Toe with a whimsical tattoo of a small arm sticking out, appearing to grasp the second toe. Green mossy ground in background
u/Admirable_Flight_943 / Via reddit.com

8.The wife who — along with her skin-care mask — startled her husband:

Person in a fitted dress wearing a glowing face mask, standing near a bed in a dimly lit room
u/iamthedreadpiraterob / Via reddit.com

9.And the wife seen here (or NOT seen here) who is basically camouflage:

Person lying on a bed in a grey hooded tracksuit, holding a phone in one hand, with large cup and straw resting on their chest. Their face is covered by the hoodie
u/Qiancho / Via reddit.com

10.Whoever the heck wrote this cookie's fortune:

Fortune cookie paper on a wooden table that reads: "Seek help from professionals trained in mental health care."
u/chastenz / Via reddit.com

11.The person who got a vanity license plate that's naughty...but only when read backwards:

A license plates that reads "Anal Sex" when read backwards
u/Newenergy253 / Via reddit.com

12.The person with these bizarre bumper stickers ("vegables?"):

Ford F-150 truck with bumper stickers: "LEGALIZE ASBESTOS" and "DON'T EAT VEGABLES" with a crossed-out vegetable graphic
u/eatstoothpicks / Via reddit.com

13.And the — HONK! — person who — HONK! — has these — HONK! — bumper stickers:

Bumper covered in various stickers telling other drivers to honk if they need anything, if they’ve been personally victimized by honking, and to honk if they get closer
u/jeckles / Via reddit.com

14.The father/daughter combo who set out to make a cake for their wife/mom's birthday, and somewhere along the line made the slightly unhinged decision to cover it with edible eyeballs:

Bundt cake decorated with googly eye candies and colorful sprinkles on a plate
u/eh8904 / Via reddit.com

15.The person who made this A+ "rat ate the cake" cake:

A cake shaped like a rat with grey frosting and fondant details on the face and legs, placed on parchment paper
u/Frotnorer / Via reddit.com

16.And the person who pranked their mother-in-law by tweaking her "beach" decoration so that everyone who rents her condo this summer will wonder...can she read?:

Four images show crafting supplies from Hobby Lobby and the word "BEACH" spelled out with silver decorative letters in a home setting
U/timechuck / Via reddit.com

17.The welder who took these instructions a little too literally:

Blueprint sketch and photos of a DIY project show a steel frame with welded rods, with a red circle around a measurement reading "60 cm."
u/BajanFred / Via reddit.com

18.The roommate who started VTubing and now looks like this every day:

Person in a green spandex suit and balaclava holds a pink unicorn plush while speaking into a microphone at a desk with a cardboard box
u/Mr_Impossibro / Via reddit.com

19.And whoever wrote this headline (they KNEW what they were doing):

Close-up of the Pornhub website on a browser with the news headline "Pornhub has pulled out of Texas" below
u/blue_aura26 / Via reddit.com

20.The person who really, REALLY thought this table would fit down the stairs (oops):

A person using an unconventional loft ladder set up indoors, climbing to an upper floor above a narrow staircase with white railings
u/elix-the-human / Via reddit.com

21.The person whose cat loves to sit behind fans, so they set up this test to see just how far their cat would go to get behind one:

A large fan sits on a kitchen counter in front of a microwave with a dog's face pressed up against the microwave door
u/stepgrandpa / Via reddit.com

22.And the pig owner (yes, I said "pig") who is very tuned into her pig's emotions (as you can see by these instructions left for an Amazon driver):

A note to an Amazon delivery person letting them know their pig is sensitive
u/fakdpodcast / Via reddit.com

23.The coworker who was asked to cut the cakes for a work party and made everyone go, "What the hell, Bob?":

Two cakes, one with white icing and sprinkles and the other with pink icing, both pre-sliced into pieces. There is a Reese's snack and a Gatorade bottle nearby
u/clintj1975 / Via reddit.com

24.The coworker who had this to say about a nasty bathroom:

A note to employees about a dirty bathroom
u/calcol28 / Via reddit.com

25.And the coworkers who found this hilariously unique way to say goodbye to a leaving colleague:

Decorative banner in an office cubicle reads, "Rude that you're leaving but ok"
u/Mercury90210 / Via reddit.com

26.The kid who'd had it with his — ahem — loud parents, and wrote this no-holds-barred note:

Handwritten note from a child saying, "I heard what you and Dad doing last night STOP ny room watch heel mom's room" with drawings of people in beds
u/campbellony / Via reddit.com

27.The kid who didn't like the Valentines his mom bought him to give to his classmates, so he got out his pen and "fixed" them:

Three handmade Valentine cards, each addressed to "Henry". The cards feature playful messages, stickers, and a rubber band
u/burningisntfun / Via reddit.com

28.And the kid who really didn't have to do his dad like this:

A handwritten worksheet titled "All About My Dad by [child's name]." It lists dad's favorite food, games, sports, activities, and why dad is special
u/Sweetheart846 / Via reddit.com

29.The kid who seriously sealed up this bag of chips and put it back on the shelf:

An empty snack bag with a small amount of leftover crumbs at the bottom
u/colantor / Via reddit.com

30.The third grader who wrote this essay on internet safety...and probably frightened her teacher in the process:

An essay on internet safety
u/SgtPeppersLH93 / Via reddit.com

31.And the convenience store owner who — like Terrence Howard — has their own take on mathematics:

Menu displaying prices for cookies and brownies: 1 cookie 99 cents, 1 brownie $1.49, 3 cookies $3.00, 3 brownies $5.25
u/kl0 / Via reddit.com

32.The parent who — after their angsty 14-year-old said they could "just write anything, I don't care" on a birthday cookie — went ahead and did just that:

Large cookie cake with colorful icing that reads, "Just write anything I don't care," surrounded by small blue, green, white, and black icing decorations
u/lakesharkyshake / Via reddit.com

33.The parents of a disabled college student who presented their kid with this certificate of achievement upon graduating from college (prompting their kid to say they don't know if their parents are hilarious or horrible humans, LOL):

Certificate of Achievement given for graduating from college without stepping foot on campus, dated May 11th, 2024
u/Technical-Prize-4840 / Via reddit.com

34.And the dad-to-be who took one look at his baby's sonogram and wondered if his future son was going to be a South Park character:

Ultrasound image showing a developing human fetus. Medical details and measurements are visible at the top of the image
u/DevelopmentNo9622 / Via reddit.com

35.The restaurant owners who put this admonishment on their window (and I can't really blame them after seeing those TikTok videos of people staying at buffets until closing):

Sign on a restaurant window reads: "Chinese Restaurant. All you can eat buffet. Not mean all day buffet. You no come stay 4 hour. You eat - you go home."
u/XqueezeMePlease / Via reddit.com

36.The person who put down this whorewarming, I mean, heartwarming doormat:

Doormat at the entrance of a home with the text: "IT'S NOT A WHORE HOUSE, IT'S A WHORE HOME. ASSHOLES LIVE FOREVER."
u/gopherpunch / Via reddit.com

37.And whoever came up with this Wi-Fi name, LOL:

WiFi network selection screen showing several available networks: SETUP-844E, SETUP-B03C, SETUP-B7B9, SETUP-F42B, Tell your WiFi said hi, CoxWiFi, Linksys09871-guest
u/EnFREAKayy / Via reddit.com

38.The cheeky bookshop worker who decided to make this the "bald people" section:

Books for sale in a bookstore. Prominent displays include Jada Pinkett Smith's "Worthy" and Patrick Stewart's "Making It So." Other books by Stanley Tucci and Quentin Tarantino
u/FAZEaddy / Via reddit.com

39.And the boyfriend who used the hair his girlfriend left in the shower to create an abstract masterpiece:

A simple line drawing of a face on tiled wall
u/walmartia / Via reddit.com

40.The metalhead/supermarket worker who couldn't resist doing this:

A grocery store display of fresh corn with a sign reading "Korn, 2 for $4."
u/Under_Ach1ever / Via reddit.com

41.The Taylor Swift fan who went to great lengths to remain anonymous:

Taylor Swift fan hides identity with a fuzzy cover and sunglasses, being interviewed by Local 12 news about calling in sick to work
u/ebradio / Via reddit.com

42.And the soccer player who — when he got yellow carded — pulled a reverse UNO card on the referee:

A soccer referee gives a yellow card while a player amusingly displays a green Uno reverse card. Scoreboard shows SDMN 6-4 YTAS with 77:21 on the clock
u/namair / Via reddit.com

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