5 THINGS TO KNOW: Taking down tobacco programs for students and adults

Apr. 3—Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Executive Director Julie Bisbee gives information about programs to help quit tobacco use following the April 1 Take Down Tobacco Day.

1 Does the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust work with high school students?

This year, high school students throughout Oklahoma are pledging to work against tobacco through Youth Action for Health Leadership (YAHL) groups in their schools. YAHL is a youth-led program of the TSET Healthy Youth Initiative that organizes events and gathers advocacy against the tobacco industry.

2 Are adults involved in similar programs?

In addition to students, many parents, teachers and health professionals across Oklahoma are actively promoting tobacco-free areas and raising awareness of the impacts and predatory marketing tactics by the tobacco industry. Through events, social media advocacy and information sharing, the dangers of tobacco are brought to light.

3 Do Oklahoma high school students have a high smoking rate?

Today, the high school smoking rate in Oklahoma is more than double the national average, and tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death in Oklahoma, resulting in 7,500 lives lost each year.

4 What programs are available to help young people give up tobacco use?

For more information about tobacco products, e-cigarettes and ways to take a stance against Big Tobacco, visit Oklahoma teens struggling with tobacco use can connect to free quit services through My Life, My Quit™️ at or by texting "Start My Quit" to 36072.

5 What about adults who would like to stop using tobacco?

Oklahoma adults thinking about quitting tobacco can sign up for free services from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline by visiting, calling 1-800-QUIT NOW or texting READY to 34191.

—James Beaty