At 58, Shania Twain Shows Off White Hair While Performing on Stage

At 58, Shania Twain Shows Off White Hair While Performing on Stage

Shania Twain is the queen of hair transformation; bouncing from her classic brunette to marshmallow pink, to fiery red and platinum blonde and making it look effortless. It seems there's no hue she can't pull off. And now she's dazzled us all with pure dove-white hair, leaning into the growing trend for the hue often avoided for its associations with aging. And we're so glad she has because it looks *so* good.

The icon just returned to Vegas to kick off her new residency, posting photos of the evening to Instagram and telling fans and followers: "I’m waking up dreaming after a SOLD OUT weekend in Vegas ❤️🔥🤩 Thank you all for coming out to party with me for the opening of my Come On Over - All The Hits residency! I loved seeing so many familiar faces in the crowd!! 🥰".

The long loose white curls make such an impact, cascading past her shoulders. The hue looks so magical with her silvery space cowgirl aesthetic. This color is such a power move.

The hair was then cleverly transformed alongside an outfit change when a tipped hat revealed a dark root. That simple detail completely changes it from an ethereal dream to a good-time-girl platinum; revved up by the hat coming off completely. Such a genius way to switch up her hair mid-show and to make it work so hard to complete both 'fits.

It's giving style smarter not harder. We have no choice but to bow down!!

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