'6 Accidents in 15 Minutes': Snowy London Intersection Vexes Drivers

Snow fell across London on January 24, prompting several weather warnings across the area and creating less than ideal road conditions for some motorists in the suburb of Uxbridge.

Butrint Bajraktari was out for a walk enjoying the snowfall when he saw several cars sliding into a street barrier on Long Lane in Uxbridge.

“I saw a few cars sliding first and thought, ‘We’d better warn them,’ but it was no use. These cars were fitted with summer tires and didn’t stand a chance against the black ice,” Bajraktari told Storyful.

Bajraktari then decided to record the vehicles as they attempted to make a turn, then slid across the intersection into a gate on the other side of the road.

“I saw 6 accidents in 15 minutes. No matter how slow they went, they still crashed,” he said. Credit: Butrint Bajraktari via Storyful