6ft 5ins Woman lied on dating apps as men were 'intimidated' - but shorter boyfriend loves her height

A woman and a man taking a selfie outside a cathedral
Cecelia Mowczan is 6ft 5ins, while her boyfriend William is 5ft 11ins -Credit:Kennedy News/@ce.ce.lia

A 6ft 5in female accountant admits she lied on dating apps as her towering height 'intimidated' men - but now her shorter 'soulmate' boyfriend loves her tall stature. Cecelia Mowczan started dating her 5ft 11ins boyfriend William Davies, 28, after meeting in a house share two years ago.

The 29-year-old admits that when William first asked her on a date she was apprehensive to say yes because he was shorter than her. She also believes that if she had seen him on a dating app she would not have matched with him because of his height.

But after realising they were 'perfect' together and might be 'soulmates', Cecelia bit the bullet and went on the date and has been dating her shorter fella ever since. Before meeting William, Cecelia says she struggled with dating as she claims men were 'intimidated' by her height, which left her lying about how tall she was on dating apps.

She also claims the societal stigma of women always being shorter than men in relationships on TV and in films made her think she could not date smaller guys. However, since dating William, Cecelia claims she has been able to fully embrace her long limbs and is even confident enough to wear heels now which makes her at least 6ft 9in.

A tall woman towering over her 5ft 11in boyfriend
Cecelia Mowczan stood next to her boyfriend

Cecelia, from Manchester, said: "I had always found it really difficult to date [before William] because I always thought the woman had to be smaller than the man as this is what you see on TV and in movies. I would never date anyone shorter than me so this would cut out a big chunk of the dating pool.

"If a guy that was shorter than me, I would say no. Lots of tall men also don't want a taller woman. On dating apps, I would always say I was 6ft 3ins as I felt no one would date me if I was 6ft 5ins. I've had men in the past say they wouldn't want me to wear heels and that I make them feel short. If you are confident in yourself, they shouldn't feel like this. Men on dating apps have also told me that my height is intimidating before they have even met me too."

However everything changed when she met William, which challenged her fears about how men interpreted her height. Cecelia said: "We became very good friends and then he asked me out. At first, even though everything else was perfect, I was unsure about dating him because he was shorter than me.

"But then I thought it was stupid to miss out on my soul mate and a future relationship because he was a few inches shorter than me. At first when we went out I wouldn't let him hold my hand as I was worried about what people might think but after two-and-a-half years it doesn't affect us at all.

"My height never bothered him as he is really confident in his height. If we had met in any other way I don't think I would have dated him as we wouldn't have met on a dating app or I never would have looked at him twice in person. I know this sounds rude but he was shorter than me and before I met him I would never date anyone shorter than me."

A woman stood in a park in heels
Cecelia Mowczan is 6ft 9in in heels -Credit:Kennedy News/@ce.ce.lia

Cecelia says alongside dating, her height made her feel like she didn't fit in at school and says people still stare at her in the street. But after attending therapy aged 23, Cecelia now has the confidence to embrace her lean figure in all parts of her life including her university rowing career.

Cecelia said: "I think I was at least a head taller than all of the boys in primary school. When I went to secondary school I was probably six foot already. I remember boys in year 10 would compare themselves to my height because I was already taller than them. I was never bullied about my height at school but I always felt different. I often slouched and bent down in photos to fit in and I would never wear heels.

"Every single time I leave the house people will stare. It still affects me but it affected me a lot more when I was younger. Before I was 23 I lost out on a lot of opportunities because I didn't have the confidence and I was at a really low point with my self-confidence.

"I then went to therapy which taught me to look at my height with a new perspective. This was definitely a turning point for me. Now when I get comments that bring me down I now understand that these are coming from their own insecurities."

Since embracing her height, Cecelia has created a TikTok page to help other tall women feel empowered, which has seen some of her videos go viral. Cecelia said: "I've made my TikTok to try and be a role model to other girls in the same situation as me and give exposure to height gap couples too. TikTok wasn't a thing when I was younger but when I was younger I would have loved to have seen other women showing off their height and being confident.

"I also think if I had seen couples with a height difference online and had the exposure to it, I would have been more open to dating shorter men a lot earlier."