7 in 10 Americans plan to use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for their holiday shopping this year

Gen Z plans on ditching shopping websites for their holiday shopping this year, opting for alternatives like Pinterest and TikTok. Two-thirds (66%) have turned to non-traditional ways of spending over the last year — a trend likely to continue into the festive period and beyond. Seven in 10 (68%) plan to use non-traditional shopping channels for Black Friday and Christmas shopping with Instagram (47%) taking the lead as a shopping platform. But Facebook (40%), Amazon Alexa (35%), Pinterest (32%), and TikTok (29%) will also be popular — as will livestream shopping (25%). And the trend isn't limited to younger adults: 45% of those in their 30s intend to use similar ways of spending during their Christmas and Black Friday sprees too. Commissioned by Brightpearl.com, a retail operating system for some of the world's biggest brands and retailers, the study found why these "alternative" methods have become increasingly appealing to shoppers of all ages. Half prefer new social buying channels and livestream as they combine entertainment and shopping in the same way traditional malls do. Similarly, 46% of Americans think they are better because they can interact and socialize with their friends more easily while they enjoy a spending spree.