7 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

In next week's Emmerdale episodes, Leyla gets it on with Caleb, but there's someone stalking her.

Elsewhere, Nicky proposes to Gabby, and Rhona receives shocking news from a surprise visitor.

Here are the seven big moments to watch out for.

1. Leyla and Caleb sleep together

caleb, leyla cavanagh, emmerdale

Sparks fly between a flirty Caleb and Leyla and the pair end up spending the night together. Their hook-up sends tongues wagging in the village.

Leyla's good mood ends quickly though when she receives news that Callum has been released on bail.

2. Leyla has a stalker

leyla cavanagh, caleb, emmerdale

From a distance, Leyla is watched by a mysterious hooded figure, and this stalker watches her getting it on with Caleb too.

The next day, Caleb offers Leyla his support, suggesting he can call in on her to check she's okay. But Leyla is determined not to live in fear or let Callum destroy her confidence, so she declines his offer.

Later, as Leyla's stalker approaches, Caleb closes in on them.

3. Nicky proposes to Gabby

nicky and gabby thomas, emmerdale

After being caught by Caleb, Nicky and Gabby finally confess to Kim they're seeing each other. Bernice and Laurel grill them, but Kim immediately fires Nicky on the spot for breaking his contract.

In a showy attempt to prove himself, Nicky gets down on one knee and proposes to Gabby, saying he's been waiting for the right moment. A smitten Gabby gleefully accepts.

4. Kim is blackmailed

kim tate, gabby thomas, emmerdale

There's one person who isn't thrilled about the engagement and that's Kim. But when Gabby coldly tells her she has to agree to the marriage or she'll prevent her from being in Thomas's life, Kim is seething.

Meanwhile, Caleb sets out to patch things up with Kim himself.

5. Rhona gets a shock visitor

gus, rhona goskirk, emmerdale

Rhona and Marlon have their lunch interrupted by a shock visitor – Rhona's ex-husband. Rhona plans a proper catch-up with Gus, but it soon becomes clear he's there for a specific purpose.

The next day, Gus eventually admits his reason for visiting, explaining that he wants to use one of the embryos he and Rhona had frozen many years ago. His confession leaves Rhona stunned.

6. Rhona's given an impossible choice

rhona goskirk, marlon, emmerdale

Having believed the embryos were destroyed years ago, Rhona struggles to get her head around things. She learns Gus has been speaking to the clinic on her behalf, without her knowledge.

Reeling from this discovery, Rhona is left with an impossible choice, not knowing what to do but feeling for Gus's desperation.

7. Mary and Faye's relationship progresses

mary goskirk, faye, emmerdale

After so many successful dates together, Faye and Mary have grown so close that Mary finally plucks up the courage and leans in for a kiss.

With another date planned, they both feel nervous but after a misunderstanding is averted, Faye and Mary have another wonderful date. As the evening draws to a close, Mary swallows her nerves and invites Faye upstairs to bed.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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